Sunday, January 30, 2011

Since it rained cats and dogs and even dinosaurs almost everyday this whole month of January, I must say that the perfect gadget of the month would be an UMBRELLA ella ella eh eh eh, under my UHHMBUHRELLA ella ella eh eh eh… hehe
Yes, umbrella it is! I always thought that bringing an umbrella would just be a nuisance, but now I realized how important it is to have one.
Just this month, I bought my own little cutie gray umbrella with a nice cute case. I opted to buy the kinda expensive one because it is reversible (just flips on strong wind) and the quality is also good (according to the sales lady).
Cute and Gray.

I bought a small, single-type one because I’m still single, haha, and I wouldn’t want anybody sticking around me like a parasite when it rains. So when somebody dares to, I’ll sing to that freak: ♫You canNOT stay under my umbrella ella ella eh eh eh♫. Hahaha. :D
So buy your own umbrella now!
Yes! Born December 29, 2010, a very handsome Nikon D3100 DSLR shall be named Bruno.

So why Bruno? If you would google the meaning of the name Bruno, google would give you a site about baby names telling you that Bruno means Brown (so this name is applicable for only brown-skinned babies? Haha… Ah, Brown dogs maybe). But my camera isn’t brown and of course not a doggie doggie!!!

So this is what happened: when I bought this camera, I heard the song “Grenade” by Bruno Mars at Ayala. Yeah I’ll catch a Grenade for you Bruno! Haha!

So, that’s why I named this cute little thingy Bruno. Harhar!






Sorry I just made that up. Hahaha. Actually the real reason is…… IT JUST CAME….

I mean when I looked at my camera, the first name that came into my mind was Bruno. And you know what, I felt like my camera also glowed and sparked at that moment (like when Harry Potter got his wand). I felt like the camera was rejoicing, saying “Yeah freak! You got it right! Bruno is just puhhrfuckly friggin awesome!” hahahaha!

So that’s how Bruno came into my life. Touching life story eh?

My Nikon D3100 DSLR, Bruno.

Last year, it was my first time to earn my own money. It must have been a shock for me because sadly, after analyzing what I did last year, my money was just wasted in some partying, and beers and karaoke and taxi and most especially with watching movies (like I have watched all major movies: some on IMAX, mostly in 3D) and eating on fancy restaurants.

Well, I have learned my lesson, so I’m gunning for a better and less crappy TO's List this year.

So here they are:


  1. Exercise: jogging and badminton
  2. Eat healthy, stay healthy, live healthy!
  3. Don’t spend on food (buhbye fancy restaurants)
  4. Be a parasite to friends (doin’ this already every snacks… asking for alms...alms…)
  5. No friggin IMAX (except Harry Potter, Transformers, Breaking Dawn and Pirates of the Carribean. Toinks!)
  6. Save for my friggin future (if I have one)
  7. No hubog hubog sessions (buhbye redhorse), just coffee sessions (hello coffee cat!)
  8. Learn the art of Photography (I’ll join Sinulog photocontest next year. Excited for this one.)
  9. Nihongo (huhu how should I improve this skill? I’m a hopeless case.)
  10. Enliven the spirit of geekiness in me.
  11. Be a good person. Lels!
  12. Refrain from backbiting. Lels again!


  1. MacBook Pro (this is a must this year! I’d kill for this! O_O)
  2. UV Filter, Neutral Density Filter, and Polarizing Filter (for my camera)
  3. Tripod (I have shaky hands don’t know why. Haha)
  4. Telephoto lens (Ambisyoso!)
  5. Nice headset (I love Beats by Dr.Dre headphone but it’s not practical, costs 13K huhuhu)
  6. Egg speaker (because it's handy)
  7. iPad or an Android tab (I’m a gadget freak you know.)
  8. iTouch 4 (I don’t know why I wanna buy this.)
  9. Scooter (I wanna drive mehself to work. A car is just an impossible dream at this moment, so I just opted for this. I think I’d look funny driving a Scooter. Haha.)
  10. Locker for my gadgets.
  11. Am I being realistic?
  12. No you’re not freak!
  13. Oh, my bad! So erase erase…
  14. Erase #9, #8, #7, #6, #5, and #4… (MacBook is a bit expensive already so it would mean “buwad ug ginamos” everyday if I would insist on buying the other things.)


  1. Bantayan Island (I’ll just take a shot of the beautiful sea. No swimming. Sayang ang gluta ug papaya harhar)
  2. Cagayan de Oro – Bukidnon – Camiguin (I smell adventure!)
  3. Bohol again and again and again! (this is a perk you’d hate when you’re from this beautiful place. Still finding convincing alibis for this trip to be cancelled. Harhar >:D)

This year, I have decided to focus on spending my money on gadgets rather than wasting it on partying or getting wild on karaoke or watching movie or eating on fancy restaurants. I want to see where my efforts go and I feel really happy when I see that I have lotsa gadgets.

I guess this year’s still gonna be an exciting one even without the hubog-hubog sessions! That gadget locker’s gonna be full at the end of this year, I promise to myself. :)

Hi everyone! Hahaha!
This is my first not-s0-crap post.
Are you ready for more crap?
You should be...
Coz I'm gonna blog crappy things!
Bwahahahahaha! :D

Saturday, January 8, 2011