Sunday, January 30, 2011

Since it rained cats and dogs and even dinosaurs almost everyday this whole month of January, I must say that the perfect gadget of the month would be an UMBRELLA ella ella eh eh eh, under my UHHMBUHRELLA ella ella eh eh eh… hehe
Yes, umbrella it is! I always thought that bringing an umbrella would just be a nuisance, but now I realized how important it is to have one.
Just this month, I bought my own little cutie gray umbrella with a nice cute case. I opted to buy the kinda expensive one because it is reversible (just flips on strong wind) and the quality is also good (according to the sales lady).
Cute and Gray.

I bought a small, single-type one because I’m still single, haha, and I wouldn’t want anybody sticking around me like a parasite when it rains. So when somebody dares to, I’ll sing to that freak: ♫You canNOT stay under my umbrella ella ella eh eh eh♫. Hahaha. :D
So buy your own umbrella now!


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