Monday, February 28, 2011

Yes, I lost my slippers in Virgin Island! Huhuhu :'(

So, how did I discover that my slippers were gone?

When I went for snorkeling, I thought that wearing slippers would be more comfortable so that's the time I looked for my slippers, but I can’t find it. Instead of snorkeling some fishes and coral reefs, I snorkeled for my lost slippers. Huhuhu :'(

After 2 hours of heavy searching, I got exhausted and gave up...

Then, when I reviewed our pictures, there! Gotcha! My slippers were taken by Virgin Island.

Gimme back my slippers!!! Huhuhu :'(

barefoot... :(

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Last February 24-27, together with my friends, I went to Bantayan Island to take a break from the stressful and busy life in the city. I've been sleepless and anxious for how many nights because there are many backlogs in the office but thanks to my adrenaline rush, I was able to finish all pending tasks and push through with this vacation.

Anyway, during our 4-day vacation, we stayed at Sugar Beach Resort because it's known for its very wide sugar-like sand and affordable accomodation.

We went to Sta. Fe proper (it's a 5-minute trisikad ride away from Sugar Beach) for dinner . We ate at Marisqueira O'Portuguese Bar and Restaurant. Food price ranges from 120 - 200 pesos for value meals.

After dinner, we had a bonfire at the seashore. Then, we lay down at the sand and had star gazing. That was really an awesome night!

The next day we had our lunch at aling Bising's eatery and went to Ogtong Cave after. Unfortunately, for some time now, the cave is already closed for public eyes. So instead, we just had a swim at the beach and went to Bantayan proper (it's a 15-minute ride from Sta. Fe) to buy Lambay. We also visited St. Peter and Paul's Church.

At Friday afternoon, Bryan and Kenneth have to leave because they both have to go to Manila (Kenneth has a Nihongo Speech competition, and Bryan has a scheduled family trip).

At Saturday, we went to Virgin Island. It was Jellie and Jeraldy’s first time to ride a bangka. It was really fun because even if the waves are friggin angry, we shouted our hearts out with joy and excitement!

At Virgin island, we had snorkeling. We saw different species of fishes but were a bit disappointed with the monotonous color of the coral reefs (they almost all have the same color).

The beach at Virgin island is really tempting, you'll forget your glutathione,papaya and other whitening investments. lol!

One funny and unforgettable experience is when we went back from Virgin island to Sugar beach because that time, the weather is kinda angry and the waves are friggin BIG. We’re like very scared that time! We didn't know that Jellie even prayed the Holy Rosary out of fear. Hahaha. Well anyway, it’s a good spice up to this whole adventure thing. Hehe.
It’s really nice to have some good laugh with your best buddies, forget about the stressful work and life in the city, just chill, lie under the coconut tree, read some books, listen to your ipod, take some cool pictures, wake up as early as 5 in the morning to stroll around the beach, feel the cool breeze caress your skin, watch some nice views (the beach , and the bitches aw! hahaha), watch beautiful sunrise and breath taking sunset... you can't help but say, LIFE IS REALLY AWESOME!

So far this is the best vacation I've ever had. This is one experience I’ll cherish forever. There are a lot of things that money can’t buy... one of those is this experience. J

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Dear mehself,

Today is a Sunday Morning and it's raining (I know right?)
As usual, even if it's Sunday, you have no choice but to go to the office.
You promised yourself you'll go there at exactly 9:00AM but what time is it right now huh? (It's almost time for lunch!) tsk tsk...

You woke up 7AM and immediately opened your Facebook and Twitter accounts.
Then you checked for the profile of that thingy. haha
Then you checked all the websites of that thingy and you were amazed by the works of that thingy. That thingy just inspires you so much, you were drifted into the world of that thingy. You just love that thingy: every work of art, passion, interest, everything about that thingy.

This morning is just full of inspiration for you. You wanted to be a good photographer, aw no no, you wanted to enjoy photography like how that thingy enjoys it. No, you don't plan to earn something in photography but you just want to enjoy it because you saw real happiness and enjoyment in that thingy's eyes when that thingy's with that thingy's camera.

How many that thingy's were there? haha.

Hooooooooyyyy! Wake up freak!!!
You have to go to the office right now!
You have to finish your tasks because today is the last day to commit all your codes. Okay?

But I love that thingy... hahaha!

To the office I go! Buhbye!

It was last year when a geek friend introduced the Android technology to me. He was such an avid fan of Android, he influenced me. From that moment, I dreamed of being an Android developer. I read a lot of news and articles about it and it fancied me even more. So out of addiction, I bought my own Android phone: a Samsung Spica. I want to make a powerful application that would bring me to fame someday. haha! (ambitious much)

This year, as a part of my preparation to be Google's Android R (I want to be a part of the Google empire someday and I already named myself: Google's Android R[yan] hahaha), I am requiring myself to develop at least one Android application. Well, at this moment, I'm still super busy I can't find a time to just skim at the Google API. But I have the whole year for this, so developing at least one application is not that impossible.

So, to Google empire:
A powerful Android is in the making...
Be ready for Android R! lol!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

To a freak named ryan:

Today was a remarkable day for you. You experienced all sorts of emotions an animal could ever feel.

You woke up around 7am and you feel like projecting a sweet smile to a brand new day. Then you read your Purpose Driven Life book and felt very nice about it. You were very inspired and happy that morning for reasons you can’t spit here. Haha. Then at the jeepney, you were more inspired (haha).

Then you arrived at the office almost late. You started your work reading the Holy Bible and you were struck by this Bible Verse “it is what comes out of you that makes you unclean.” Then you checked your Twitter (lol). But then you forgot that you have a Linux training as early as 8:30 in the morning so you ran like hell towards the training room.

After that you had you tiger-look moments at the computer, no one would ever dare to disturb you.

Then you forgot you didn’t eat breakfast so you asked for alms from your friends, but they’re not that kind enough to give you even just a piece of shit (sniffs) huhuhu (sniffs) (Nobody loves me, nobody cares for me! Drama much…)

Then you ate CNT lechon for lunch, of course you tweeted it!

Then another tiger-look sessions.

Your best bud Jellie gave you alms for snacks. You were so thankful you nearly cried.

You were so full you want to make poopoo but you were too shy to poopoo at the office so you just ignored the poopoo feeling. But BIG sweats are coming off. You really hate that feeling.

Then you had funny chat sessions with your other best buds but that turned out to be a disaster. So you stopped chatting and went back to work . You were so disappointed because you can’t seem to understand how the database is designed, so out of frustration, you went home early. (estoryahee kalibangon lang jud ka. Nyahahaha!)

Then you hurried to your apartment and….shining shimmering sparks flew……you spelled SUCCESS! Haha!

Then you actually felt okay already, but you were just so OA you told yourself not to forget that you feel grumpy that time so you insisted to still feel that way.

Then you didn’t eat dinner because, of course, you were just super irritated you lost your appetite.

You tried to sleep early instead, but your friggin’ eyes won’t even close. So you just decided to have a concert, sang your heart out to the tune of Katy Perry’s Firework, Pink’s F*ckin’ Perfect and Bruno Mars’ Grenade. You felt relieved belting your emotions out. You actually thought you did very well, you’d make a good singer someday. (This time you have decided to feel okay already.)

Then you watched A Little thing called Love and The Classic for the nth time and you felt so cheezy. Haha. Then, you felt worried for tomorrow because you bragged to Sir Logen you’ll have a flawless (as in perfect) code review. So you immediately went to sleep.

So what’s the date again? It’s friggin’ February 9, 2011. Don't you ever forget this day okay?

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Last February 3, 2011, I received an unexpected gift from a dear friend. I almost burst into tears when I received the gift. (estoryaheee!)

It was a book entitled "The Purpose Driven Life". I don't know why she gave me that book but the story behind this is: someone gave her that particular book and I just asked her if I can borrow it for a while, but then, she bought the thing for me (inutang pa daw anah siya). Haha.
That was just so sweet for a dear friend!

Thank you so much Jeraldy. I really appreciate it! :)

Anyway, The Purpose Driven Life is a #1 New York Times Best Seller devotional book written by Rick Warren.The book offers readers a 40-day personal spiritual journey, and presents what Warren says are God's five purposes for human life on Earth.

So, what on earth am I here for?

Well, I don't know yet! Lels!
I'm still on my third day and so far, it has been a really nice and interesting journey. It makes me ponder some nuggets of truth about living life with a purpose.

So be ready LIFE assigned to a freak named Ryan Valmoria, because you'll be given some purpose to live with ... :)
Yeah! A lot of reasons for a "Kampai!" because it has been 2 consecutive friggin' OT weekends for me! :'(

It never came into my mind that I would spend such consecutive weekends in the office and that's just so sad.

Right now, I'm deleting some meaningless words in my vocabulary like "TGIF!", "Awesome Weekend!", "What a weekend that was!" and the like.
I can't even tell the difference between a weekday and a weekend. Is there any?
That's just super outrageous!!!

Well, should I be depressed about this?

Of course NOT! There are also perks of OT like $$$, well ₱₱₱ in my case, and SUPER BIG TAX! That would mean, I am contributing BIGTIME to the welfare of our government officials. You owe me a hefty sum of BIG THANK YOU you freaks! hahaha!

Well, what can I do? I guess I'll just say to myself, more OT weekends to come... and more gadgets to come. Wahahahaha! :D