Saturday, February 12, 2011

It was last year when a geek friend introduced the Android technology to me. He was such an avid fan of Android, he influenced me. From that moment, I dreamed of being an Android developer. I read a lot of news and articles about it and it fancied me even more. So out of addiction, I bought my own Android phone: a Samsung Spica. I want to make a powerful application that would bring me to fame someday. haha! (ambitious much)

This year, as a part of my preparation to be Google's Android R (I want to be a part of the Google empire someday and I already named myself: Google's Android R[yan] hahaha), I am requiring myself to develop at least one Android application. Well, at this moment, I'm still super busy I can't find a time to just skim at the Google API. But I have the whole year for this, so developing at least one application is not that impossible.

So, to Google empire:
A powerful Android is in the making...
Be ready for Android R! lol!


  1. nakasugod naka ani geng? hehe!

  2. wala pa jud... huhuhu... saonz, sa ka busy ba naman nato... huhuhu... but I hope if makaluag2 kay makahimo2 ug mga pang idiot nga applications. wahahaha