Sunday, February 27, 2011

Last February 24-27, together with my friends, I went to Bantayan Island to take a break from the stressful and busy life in the city. I've been sleepless and anxious for how many nights because there are many backlogs in the office but thanks to my adrenaline rush, I was able to finish all pending tasks and push through with this vacation.

Anyway, during our 4-day vacation, we stayed at Sugar Beach Resort because it's known for its very wide sugar-like sand and affordable accomodation.

We went to Sta. Fe proper (it's a 5-minute trisikad ride away from Sugar Beach) for dinner . We ate at Marisqueira O'Portuguese Bar and Restaurant. Food price ranges from 120 - 200 pesos for value meals.

After dinner, we had a bonfire at the seashore. Then, we lay down at the sand and had star gazing. That was really an awesome night!

The next day we had our lunch at aling Bising's eatery and went to Ogtong Cave after. Unfortunately, for some time now, the cave is already closed for public eyes. So instead, we just had a swim at the beach and went to Bantayan proper (it's a 15-minute ride from Sta. Fe) to buy Lambay. We also visited St. Peter and Paul's Church.

At Friday afternoon, Bryan and Kenneth have to leave because they both have to go to Manila (Kenneth has a Nihongo Speech competition, and Bryan has a scheduled family trip).

At Saturday, we went to Virgin Island. It was Jellie and Jeraldy’s first time to ride a bangka. It was really fun because even if the waves are friggin angry, we shouted our hearts out with joy and excitement!

At Virgin island, we had snorkeling. We saw different species of fishes but were a bit disappointed with the monotonous color of the coral reefs (they almost all have the same color).

The beach at Virgin island is really tempting, you'll forget your glutathione,papaya and other whitening investments. lol!

One funny and unforgettable experience is when we went back from Virgin island to Sugar beach because that time, the weather is kinda angry and the waves are friggin BIG. We’re like very scared that time! We didn't know that Jellie even prayed the Holy Rosary out of fear. Hahaha. Well anyway, it’s a good spice up to this whole adventure thing. Hehe.
It’s really nice to have some good laugh with your best buddies, forget about the stressful work and life in the city, just chill, lie under the coconut tree, read some books, listen to your ipod, take some cool pictures, wake up as early as 5 in the morning to stroll around the beach, feel the cool breeze caress your skin, watch some nice views (the beach , and the bitches aw! hahaha), watch beautiful sunrise and breath taking sunset... you can't help but say, LIFE IS REALLY AWESOME!

So far this is the best vacation I've ever had. This is one experience I’ll cherish forever. There are a lot of things that money can’t buy... one of those is this experience. J


  1. I like your last statement :)

  2. i miss vacations!!!!!!!!!!
    glad you have super fun there geng!
    i hope we can have one like this with Ganesha pipz!
    Soon..when all the calamity ends!

  3. yeeeeeeeaaaah!!! super like that idea!!!
    Wala jud ta kalaag kita nga team... Lingaw jud na kaayo! hehe