Saturday, February 5, 2011

Yeah! A lot of reasons for a "Kampai!" because it has been 2 consecutive friggin' OT weekends for me! :'(

It never came into my mind that I would spend such consecutive weekends in the office and that's just so sad.

Right now, I'm deleting some meaningless words in my vocabulary like "TGIF!", "Awesome Weekend!", "What a weekend that was!" and the like.
I can't even tell the difference between a weekday and a weekend. Is there any?
That's just super outrageous!!!

Well, should I be depressed about this?

Of course NOT! There are also perks of OT like $$$, well ₱₱₱ in my case, and SUPER BIG TAX! That would mean, I am contributing BIGTIME to the welfare of our government officials. You owe me a hefty sum of BIG THANK YOU you freaks! hahaha!

Well, what can I do? I guess I'll just say to myself, more OT weekends to come... and more gadgets to come. Wahahahaha! :D


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