Saturday, February 12, 2011

Dear mehself,

Today is a Sunday Morning and it's raining (I know right?)
As usual, even if it's Sunday, you have no choice but to go to the office.
You promised yourself you'll go there at exactly 9:00AM but what time is it right now huh? (It's almost time for lunch!) tsk tsk...

You woke up 7AM and immediately opened your Facebook and Twitter accounts.
Then you checked for the profile of that thingy. haha
Then you checked all the websites of that thingy and you were amazed by the works of that thingy. That thingy just inspires you so much, you were drifted into the world of that thingy. You just love that thingy: every work of art, passion, interest, everything about that thingy.

This morning is just full of inspiration for you. You wanted to be a good photographer, aw no no, you wanted to enjoy photography like how that thingy enjoys it. No, you don't plan to earn something in photography but you just want to enjoy it because you saw real happiness and enjoyment in that thingy's eyes when that thingy's with that thingy's camera.

How many that thingy's were there? haha.

Hooooooooyyyy! Wake up freak!!!
You have to go to the office right now!
You have to finish your tasks because today is the last day to commit all your codes. Okay?

But I love that thingy... hahaha!

To the office I go! Buhbye!


  1. unsa man ning that thingy oi?!!!

  2. naa ni sa office c that thingy geng?

  3. hahahaha! joke2 rani Ms. Kring oi. hahaha... dili pud ni xa taga diri. hahaha.

  4. aw...hahahaha! mao diay di au ka inspired sa office geng ky wala c that thingy..hehe