Monday, February 28, 2011

Yes, I lost my slippers in Virgin Island! Huhuhu :'(

So, how did I discover that my slippers were gone?

When I went for snorkeling, I thought that wearing slippers would be more comfortable so that's the time I looked for my slippers, but I can’t find it. Instead of snorkeling some fishes and coral reefs, I snorkeled for my lost slippers. Huhuhu :'(

After 2 hours of heavy searching, I got exhausted and gave up...

Then, when I reviewed our pictures, there! Gotcha! My slippers were taken by Virgin Island.

Gimme back my slippers!!! Huhuhu :'(

barefoot... :(


  1. Condolence sa imong slippers, ry. Barefoot ka ni travel back to cebu?

  2. hahahaha! nakapalit ug ahat tag P50 nga sinelas sa Sta. Fe.... pero nag tiniil jud ko ni travel sa Sta. Fe... hahaha.

  3. hahahahahaha!
    toast to your disaster geng! hehehe!