Wednesday, February 9, 2011

To a freak named ryan:

Today was a remarkable day for you. You experienced all sorts of emotions an animal could ever feel.

You woke up around 7am and you feel like projecting a sweet smile to a brand new day. Then you read your Purpose Driven Life book and felt very nice about it. You were very inspired and happy that morning for reasons you can’t spit here. Haha. Then at the jeepney, you were more inspired (haha).

Then you arrived at the office almost late. You started your work reading the Holy Bible and you were struck by this Bible Verse “it is what comes out of you that makes you unclean.” Then you checked your Twitter (lol). But then you forgot that you have a Linux training as early as 8:30 in the morning so you ran like hell towards the training room.

After that you had you tiger-look moments at the computer, no one would ever dare to disturb you.

Then you forgot you didn’t eat breakfast so you asked for alms from your friends, but they’re not that kind enough to give you even just a piece of shit (sniffs) huhuhu (sniffs) (Nobody loves me, nobody cares for me! Drama much…)

Then you ate CNT lechon for lunch, of course you tweeted it!

Then another tiger-look sessions.

Your best bud Jellie gave you alms for snacks. You were so thankful you nearly cried.

You were so full you want to make poopoo but you were too shy to poopoo at the office so you just ignored the poopoo feeling. But BIG sweats are coming off. You really hate that feeling.

Then you had funny chat sessions with your other best buds but that turned out to be a disaster. So you stopped chatting and went back to work . You were so disappointed because you can’t seem to understand how the database is designed, so out of frustration, you went home early. (estoryahee kalibangon lang jud ka. Nyahahaha!)

Then you hurried to your apartment and….shining shimmering sparks flew……you spelled SUCCESS! Haha!

Then you actually felt okay already, but you were just so OA you told yourself not to forget that you feel grumpy that time so you insisted to still feel that way.

Then you didn’t eat dinner because, of course, you were just super irritated you lost your appetite.

You tried to sleep early instead, but your friggin’ eyes won’t even close. So you just decided to have a concert, sang your heart out to the tune of Katy Perry’s Firework, Pink’s F*ckin’ Perfect and Bruno Mars’ Grenade. You felt relieved belting your emotions out. You actually thought you did very well, you’d make a good singer someday. (This time you have decided to feel okay already.)

Then you watched A Little thing called Love and The Classic for the nth time and you felt so cheezy. Haha. Then, you felt worried for tomorrow because you bragged to Sir Logen you’ll have a flawless (as in perfect) code review. So you immediately went to sleep.

So what’s the date again? It’s friggin’ February 9, 2011. Don't you ever forget this day okay?