Thursday, April 21, 2011

This is inevitable... :'(
This feeling when you feel like you're living with total strangers in your house...
This feeling of disgust, anger and hatred to those strangers...
The place you used to call home is now a nightmare...
This is just so... sad...

Then, I told myself,
"I can't take this anymore!"
"I have to put an end to this!"

"This can't happen to us!"

"If anyone can do this, why can't I?"

So, I took the courage...
Without any hesitation...
I stood up...
Raised my weapons...
Prepared myself for a bloody battle...
and shouted.....

"Bring them walis tingting and mops in the house baby, 'cause we're gonna make this house a home again! Lol!"

Messy, dirty, stinky, smelly, dusty...
Flying cockroaches... Ants... Flies... Mosquitoes... Lizards... Rats... Insects... Name it... our house has it! But we're not gonna lose our home to these strangers! We'll fight until our last smelly breath! Haha!

I can see a Smokey Mountain of clothes ready for donation. Lol!

All stinky and messed up.

Kuya, on his battle against the dusts.

Make yourselves useful bitches!
Now move your asses quickly and get rid of them clutter! Bwahahaha! >:D

What are you waiting girls? Stop all the chit chats and work your butts off!
Me, Im busy here for the documentation. Lol!

Saying goodbye to my college notes.
They have been lurking in my closet for ages now.

And after the long and exhausting battle...
We won the good fight!
We are all glad to get our home back...
Now, we have again a house to call a home...

Ooopsie! Looks like our slippers and sandals found their home too!

This is what's left of me. Others were donated. Haha!

If all books are arranged beautifully like this, many people will be inspired to read. Haha!

Cuteness as ever!

I forgot to take a shot of the whole house after the cleaning because I was exhausted like hell... I never thought documentation could be very... tiresome. But anyway, I swear to you, it's as clean and good as heaven! Haha!
So what's the lesson of this blog post?
"Never retreat, Never surrender... especially if your enemy is a Stranger"
Wahahahaha! :D

Sunday, April 3, 2011

1. Had Bruno (my Nikon DSLR) fixed at Gizmo Cybergate. (I'm officially broke!)

2. Jellie, my best buddy, just bought a new Vans shoes and it's so nice.

3. Watched Catch Me I'm In Love starring Gerald Anderson and Sarah Geronimo. (This was not planned)

4. My mama visited us here in Cebu.

5. Mama cooked my favorite Ginataang Alimango. (I'm officially fat again. aw!)

6. Conference call with Bryan, Rose, and Jeraldy. (I'm the odd one out. haha!)

7. Launched my photography site:

8. Temporarily forgot all backlogs in the office.

9. Chocolates from Hongkong!

10. Tweeted a lot, posted again on Facebook, blogged a lot. Wew!

I'm looking forward to another weekend like this. :)
"Be kind to animals"
A popular saying eh...
Because this saying is so popular, and I love to be popular (aw!),
I live and believe in this quote.

There's this friggin' little not-so-cute pusakal and I've been very kind to this creature for some time now. This pusakal lives in our terrace without any permission. Sometimes, when I open the terrace in the morning to greet the whole Cebu a "good morning!" and to watch the sunrise, the face of this pusakal greets me instead with its annoying and what-are-you-looking-at smirk. It somewhat gives a flaw to my perfect morning.

But because I believe that we should be kind to animals, I just ignored the bad feeling and instead, gave that friggin' cat a lively "good morning!" with a big smile. But that cat doesn't even show a little vivacity in my greeting, like it's saying to me "duh what's good with the morning"! Bad cat! :(

There's a time I caught that friggin' pusakal sleeping soundly on my washed pants. I don't know how'd that thing get my pants off the clothesline. But then again, I forgave the cat because, what's the quotation again?, Be kind to animals...

But I also believe in the saying, you can fool me once or twice, but never thrice. This pusakal has been very abusive of my kindness!

Look at what this creature did!

First,it made our beautiful terrace its bedroom and now, its slaughterhouse!
huh! How kapal the face of this cat!

Ewww, this is really gross!!!
Buuuuuuuuaaa (vomiting......)
You friggin' pusakal, I'll never be kind to you again!
Over my dead body and that rat's dead body.... waaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!
March was like "am I in hell?" month for me.
See, I haven't posted any blog entry for March,
I havent tweeted too much (usually I tweet like there's no tomorrow),
I haven't checked my friends on Facebook (left out of the most recent chikkas in town),
I haven't spent some quality time with my best buddies (barely have time chatting with them),
I haven't texted or called my bestfriends in Bohol (as in total zero communication),
and I haven't spent a lot of time at home (OT even on weekends).
My work is really too much!!!

I think, in no time, I'm gonna be insane!
Just a little more push and I'm officially losing my sanity.
But I am thankful I haven't reached that stage yet.
Well, I give the credit to my Ganesha teammates.
They're the best teammates ever!
They're all funny, nice, and not difficult to deal with.
Some first impressions I have with some of them were also wrong and exactly the opposite.
I am so happy being a part of this team.
If my teammates right now are all drop-dead serious and extraordinarily boring, maybe you'd find me in some psychiatric wards right now... you know, counting my hair. hahaha!

Ganesha teammates at the Acacia

Yes, Britney's new album Femme Fatale, released last March 29, 2011 is rockin' my friggin' music world. In an interview, Britney told everybody that this is the best album she had made so far and I absolutely agree with her.

I so love the beat of her music, like I involuntarily throw my hands up in the ayer and shake 'em hips everytime the songs are played. haha!

Here's a full track list and my crappy thoughts of the songs :
1. I Wanna Go - Oh this is the song that makes me throw my hands up in the ayer. haha!
2. Hold it Against Me - Nice lyrics. ('cause you feel like paradise and I need a vacation tonight. haha)
3. Till the World Ends - Makes me wanna dance till the world ends.
4. Seal it with a Kiss - Perfect summer beat (the oh oh eh oh part).
5. Big Fat Bass - Yeah I can be the treble baby you can be the bass (last song syndrome, I tell you)
6. Inside Out - Woah hot lyrics and sexy song.
7. How I Roll - Everytime I hear this song I feel like shaking my whole body.
8. (Drop Dead) Beautiful - I love the chorus part. LSS again!
9. Trouble for Me - It's a big trouble if you don't like this song.
10. Trip to your Heart - Not a catch. Just okay. wahaha.
11. Gasoline - I don't feel this song. Sorry... hehe
12. Criminal - I don't like this song. Reminds me of Rihanna's Man Down song. Same feel, same lyrics. Hate it.

Well anyway, I'm pretty sure Brit's got a place in the number 1 slot of Billboard 200 Album charts next week.

So, Imma give some 8 out of 10 for Femme Fatale.
I think it's worth a "grab some copy" in your favorite music stores.

Raian San,

You are such an idiot!
(Raian: OMG ka harsh bah!)
You keep on pushing me away even if you know that you have to learn how to speak me.
(Raian: eh? soudesuka...)
You promised me you'll learn to love me.
(Raian: ang pag-ibig ay hindi pinipilit. yan ay kusang lumalapit.)
You can't run away from me.
(Raian: I wanna run, smash into you...)
You said you'll spend this weekend watching Akihabara@Deep but instead you watched a tagalog movie.
(Raian: kilig man gud ang Catch Me I'm Falling... hahaha!)
You promised you'll start studying for JLPT N3 exam.
(Raian: Yeah, anah ko inag hapit na ang exam. lol!)
You are a BIG FAILURE. Can't even pass JLPT N3 exam.
(Raian: huhuhu. sayang ang increase sa sweldo.)
You are so talkative during Nihongo class.
(Raian: Kay tabian man akong mga tapad. Nihongo man sad mi magtabi!)
You can't give a decent answer when Hino sensei asks you a question.
(Raian: Is "pass" not a decent answer?)
You are horrible in constructing simple Nihongo sentences.
(Raian: eh? soudeska. kinou tanoshiideshita. unsay nakahorrible anah?)
You are so confident of your horrible Nihongo sentences.
(Raian: Op Cors, bawion sa confidence ang show.)
You are a hopeless case!
(Raian: Bantay ka lang, I'll learn you in no time and pass that friggin N2 exam! Huh!)

Disgustedly yours,