Sunday, April 3, 2011

1. Had Bruno (my Nikon DSLR) fixed at Gizmo Cybergate. (I'm officially broke!)

2. Jellie, my best buddy, just bought a new Vans shoes and it's so nice.

3. Watched Catch Me I'm In Love starring Gerald Anderson and Sarah Geronimo. (This was not planned)

4. My mama visited us here in Cebu.

5. Mama cooked my favorite Ginataang Alimango. (I'm officially fat again. aw!)

6. Conference call with Bryan, Rose, and Jeraldy. (I'm the odd one out. haha!)

7. Launched my photography site:

8. Temporarily forgot all backlogs in the office.

9. Chocolates from Hongkong!

10. Tweeted a lot, posted again on Facebook, blogged a lot. Wew!

I'm looking forward to another weekend like this. :)


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