Sunday, April 3, 2011

Yes, Britney's new album Femme Fatale, released last March 29, 2011 is rockin' my friggin' music world. In an interview, Britney told everybody that this is the best album she had made so far and I absolutely agree with her.

I so love the beat of her music, like I involuntarily throw my hands up in the ayer and shake 'em hips everytime the songs are played. haha!

Here's a full track list and my crappy thoughts of the songs :
1. I Wanna Go - Oh this is the song that makes me throw my hands up in the ayer. haha!
2. Hold it Against Me - Nice lyrics. ('cause you feel like paradise and I need a vacation tonight. haha)
3. Till the World Ends - Makes me wanna dance till the world ends.
4. Seal it with a Kiss - Perfect summer beat (the oh oh eh oh part).
5. Big Fat Bass - Yeah I can be the treble baby you can be the bass (last song syndrome, I tell you)
6. Inside Out - Woah hot lyrics and sexy song.
7. How I Roll - Everytime I hear this song I feel like shaking my whole body.
8. (Drop Dead) Beautiful - I love the chorus part. LSS again!
9. Trouble for Me - It's a big trouble if you don't like this song.
10. Trip to your Heart - Not a catch. Just okay. wahaha.
11. Gasoline - I don't feel this song. Sorry... hehe
12. Criminal - I don't like this song. Reminds me of Rihanna's Man Down song. Same feel, same lyrics. Hate it.

Well anyway, I'm pretty sure Brit's got a place in the number 1 slot of Billboard 200 Album charts next week.

So, Imma give some 8 out of 10 for Femme Fatale.
I think it's worth a "grab some copy" in your favorite music stores.


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