Sunday, April 3, 2011

March was like "am I in hell?" month for me.
See, I haven't posted any blog entry for March,
I havent tweeted too much (usually I tweet like there's no tomorrow),
I haven't checked my friends on Facebook (left out of the most recent chikkas in town),
I haven't spent some quality time with my best buddies (barely have time chatting with them),
I haven't texted or called my bestfriends in Bohol (as in total zero communication),
and I haven't spent a lot of time at home (OT even on weekends).
My work is really too much!!!

I think, in no time, I'm gonna be insane!
Just a little more push and I'm officially losing my sanity.
But I am thankful I haven't reached that stage yet.
Well, I give the credit to my Ganesha teammates.
They're the best teammates ever!
They're all funny, nice, and not difficult to deal with.
Some first impressions I have with some of them were also wrong and exactly the opposite.
I am so happy being a part of this team.
If my teammates right now are all drop-dead serious and extraordinarily boring, maybe you'd find me in some psychiatric wards right now... you know, counting my hair. hahaha!

Ganesha teammates at the Acacia


  1. hahaha! thanks miss! :)
    me too super likey! :D

  2. i wish it would end soon...
    so sad you had to OT today...
    my heart really wants to be there but my body just sorry for that :((