Sunday, April 3, 2011

"Be kind to animals"
A popular saying eh...
Because this saying is so popular, and I love to be popular (aw!),
I live and believe in this quote.

There's this friggin' little not-so-cute pusakal and I've been very kind to this creature for some time now. This pusakal lives in our terrace without any permission. Sometimes, when I open the terrace in the morning to greet the whole Cebu a "good morning!" and to watch the sunrise, the face of this pusakal greets me instead with its annoying and what-are-you-looking-at smirk. It somewhat gives a flaw to my perfect morning.

But because I believe that we should be kind to animals, I just ignored the bad feeling and instead, gave that friggin' cat a lively "good morning!" with a big smile. But that cat doesn't even show a little vivacity in my greeting, like it's saying to me "duh what's good with the morning"! Bad cat! :(

There's a time I caught that friggin' pusakal sleeping soundly on my washed pants. I don't know how'd that thing get my pants off the clothesline. But then again, I forgave the cat because, what's the quotation again?, Be kind to animals...

But I also believe in the saying, you can fool me once or twice, but never thrice. This pusakal has been very abusive of my kindness!

Look at what this creature did!

First,it made our beautiful terrace its bedroom and now, its slaughterhouse!
huh! How kapal the face of this cat!

Ewww, this is really gross!!!
Buuuuuuuuaaa (vomiting......)
You friggin' pusakal, I'll never be kind to you again!
Over my dead body and that rat's dead body.... waaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!


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