Sunday, April 3, 2011

Raian San,

You are such an idiot!
(Raian: OMG ka harsh bah!)
You keep on pushing me away even if you know that you have to learn how to speak me.
(Raian: eh? soudesuka...)
You promised me you'll learn to love me.
(Raian: ang pag-ibig ay hindi pinipilit. yan ay kusang lumalapit.)
You can't run away from me.
(Raian: I wanna run, smash into you...)
You said you'll spend this weekend watching Akihabara@Deep but instead you watched a tagalog movie.
(Raian: kilig man gud ang Catch Me I'm Falling... hahaha!)
You promised you'll start studying for JLPT N3 exam.
(Raian: Yeah, anah ko inag hapit na ang exam. lol!)
You are a BIG FAILURE. Can't even pass JLPT N3 exam.
(Raian: huhuhu. sayang ang increase sa sweldo.)
You are so talkative during Nihongo class.
(Raian: Kay tabian man akong mga tapad. Nihongo man sad mi magtabi!)
You can't give a decent answer when Hino sensei asks you a question.
(Raian: Is "pass" not a decent answer?)
You are horrible in constructing simple Nihongo sentences.
(Raian: eh? soudeska. kinou tanoshiideshita. unsay nakahorrible anah?)
You are so confident of your horrible Nihongo sentences.
(Raian: Op Cors, bawion sa confidence ang show.)
You are a hopeless case!
(Raian: Bantay ka lang, I'll learn you in no time and pass that friggin N2 exam! Huh!)

Disgustedly yours,


  1. infraredness, i was entertained geng :)

    as for me...I love nihongo..but I guess the feeling is not mutual :P but I'll try to learn...soooon!

    as for you, ganbatte ni!