Friday, May 20, 2011

Hi Ryan,

Today May 20, 2011 is another remarkable day for you. Let me tell you the reasons why:
  • You had a very good vibe since monday because you haven't had OT and you have had enough sleep.
  • It's friday and you are singing Rebecca Black's Friday song and Katy Perry's Last Friday Night song and you feel like you're a Friday singer. You don't even know if such thing exists. LOL!
  • You're kinda excited to watch Pirates of the Carribean this weekend.
  • You went to Kyocera today just to mess with Brian and your other officemates. haha
  • Ms. Joanna treated you for lunch. You were actually ashamed because you thought it was not a treat and you ordered a very expensive food. :|
  • Leo treated the team with Hawaiian Pizza and you felt so lucky you were at Kyocera today.
  • You were super amused when you told your other teammates in Alliance how lucky you were and they were just super envy and mad!
  • You were inspired today. Aw. Hahaha!
  • And of course, It's Payday!
You don't know why, but you really felt happy today. Like every little thing in the universe is put in its proper place. You don't even know if you are making any sense here at all. But one thing is for sure, you are looking forward for another day, worth remembering like this. :)

Last May 13 (Friday the 13th), we had our first nightout with the Ganesha team. We have not planned to have karaoke that night but I don't know what happened, we just did.

Well, there's only one thing I can say about that night, that was the BEST karaoke nightout I ever had in ages! That was really an EPIC night! Like everybody was jamming to the music, everybody was singing and dancing and laughing so hard, we didn't really care what we'd look like. It was really a wild night! Everybody showcased their talents in singing and dancing. We were like savage animals, putting aside all the worries that we have. To hell with our pending tasks and bugs! haha! We just sang and danced the night away.

serious look daw... O_o

I'll be having a rollcall for those who were there:
Ryan (oh that's me!)
Jellie, Kresia, Logen, Brian, Kenneth, Joseph, Charina, Miraflor,
Alistair, Lawrence, Leo, Donn, Ed, Dandee

wacky pose! :D

The day after that, we all suffered from sore throat and tonsillitis due to heavy singing and laughing. hahaha XD
I'm really looking forward for another memorable bonding moments with my Ganesha teammates. Most probably, when this project ends soon... :)
Dear friggin' burtdey celebrant / friggin' owner of this blog,

This post maybe super late but you really have to write something about your 22nd birthday so that you can always go back to this post whenever you wanna remember your past birthdays.

So, it was May 3... How did your birthday start?
  • Ah! Ceilo and Che-Che woke you up as early as 2AM in the morning to give you their little surprise: a Mother's Day cake turned into a Birthday cake:
  • You were really happy because you never thought that you would have a birthday cake on your birthday. You were just so broke that day, you don't have anything in your pocket to buy yourself even just a slice of cake.
  • Then, at the office, you arrived late. That was just so lame for a birthday celebrant to be late on his birthday. But well, it was kind of a grand entrance, because your officemates clapped at your arrival. Hahaha.
  • For lunch, you ate your favorite kinilawng isda with your VIP buddies. No treat or whatsoever. haha.
  • Then at night, together with Bryan, you accompanied Jellie for his checkup at Aventus clinic. Because of that, you were not able to attend mass or light a candle for your birthday. But you were still able to thank God for all the blessings He had given you. But still, your birthday felt incomplete because of that. huhuhu... :(
  • When you checked your BDO ATM card, oh, it was such a pity. Can't even afford to buy a piece of ice cream shit. So, you went to BPI and voila there's a 500 left. So you grabbed the P400 and bought a Mango ice cream and Fried Chicken just for the sake of making your birthday official. hehe
  • There were about 100 people who greeted you on facebook. You were so overwhelmed you nearly cried. There were even people whom you didn't expect to greet you. You were such ecstatic when you realized they greeted you. wahaha
  • Then on May 6, you celebrated your birthday with your Chakaz All Stars @ K1 Family KTV. It was actually a triple birthday celebration along with Nat2 and Chen2.

Enjoying the night with my solid Chakaz All Stars! Look at our faces! Wut the hell! hahaha!

Hmmmm.... What else? I guess that's it! This birthday of yours is not really a remarkable one. Well, your birthdays aren't really worth remembering. Hahaha. How pathetic. But wait a minute, yeah! Oh, it was! But unfortunately, you can't spit it out here. There are only chosen few who knows everything. (just kidding!) Well based on the happenings I wrote above, It's not kind of a special one. It's like just one of those ordinary days. But hey buddy, you're 22 now and your life has just begun. Woooooooooohoo!!! That still deserves a cheers! Let's drink to that! :D

I'm not actually talking about the Korean girl group 2NE1, I'm talking about the AGE. So if you're looking for a friggin' 2NE1 article, I'm sorry baby, this post is not for you. LOL!

Well, my 21st year here on earth?
Hmmmm... Was it even remarkable?
Yeah it was!!!
  • It was the year when I started to live life supporting myself. You know, having a job, earning for myself, and supporting my family. Well, not really supporting, but you know, giving them some extra money. hehe
  • It was the year when I spent most of my weekends on coffee shops, movie theaters, karaoke and disco bars.
  • It was the year when I realized that I'm not good at dancing but I am good at singing. I'm pretty sure I'll have a singing career someday. LOL.
  • It was the year when I tasted the sweetness of failure when I failed JLPT exam. It was indeed sweet.
  • It was the year when I never thought of achieving anything for my career. This sucks!
  • It was the year I learned to speak another language, Japanese.
  • It was the year when I found the perfect persons I can completely be honest with.
  • It was the year when I bought my DSLR and my Android phone.
  • It was the year full of outings: Bantayan, Manila, Leyte, Bohol, Alegria, Toledo, etc.
  • It was the year when almost every Saturday dawn, I went home drunk and vomiting. haha
  • It was the time when I completely overcome my shyness.
  • It was the year when I vanished my competitive personality and just enjoyed life without any competitions.
  • It was the year when I realized what is really happening in the real world. Not all of us are aware of this and I'm not telling you either. Haha.
  • It was the year when I tweeted a crap and suddenly, everybody hates me. LOL. That was really funny and cool!
  • It was the year when I started embracing and loving myself more.
  • It was the year when I've had my first times. Lots of them. haha!
  • It was the year when I've tasted the fruits of my labors for the past 8 years, working my ass off to get good grades.
It was indeed a remarkable 21st year for me.
Now that I'm saying goodbye to sweet 2NE1, I'm getting myself ready for a more challenging, exciting and daring 22nd year here on earth. wahaha!

Well, good luck and God bless to me.