Friday, May 20, 2011

Last May 13 (Friday the 13th), we had our first nightout with the Ganesha team. We have not planned to have karaoke that night but I don't know what happened, we just did.

Well, there's only one thing I can say about that night, that was the BEST karaoke nightout I ever had in ages! That was really an EPIC night! Like everybody was jamming to the music, everybody was singing and dancing and laughing so hard, we didn't really care what we'd look like. It was really a wild night! Everybody showcased their talents in singing and dancing. We were like savage animals, putting aside all the worries that we have. To hell with our pending tasks and bugs! haha! We just sang and danced the night away.

serious look daw... O_o

I'll be having a rollcall for those who were there:
Ryan (oh that's me!)
Jellie, Kresia, Logen, Brian, Kenneth, Joseph, Charina, Miraflor,
Alistair, Lawrence, Leo, Donn, Ed, Dandee

wacky pose! :D

The day after that, we all suffered from sore throat and tonsillitis due to heavy singing and laughing. hahaha XD
I'm really looking forward for another memorable bonding moments with my Ganesha teammates. Most probably, when this project ends soon... :)


  1. Haha. Thanks Ms. Kring. That night was so much fun! When pa kaha ang next ani? hehe :)