Friday, May 20, 2011

Dear friggin' burtdey celebrant / friggin' owner of this blog,

This post maybe super late but you really have to write something about your 22nd birthday so that you can always go back to this post whenever you wanna remember your past birthdays.

So, it was May 3... How did your birthday start?
  • Ah! Ceilo and Che-Che woke you up as early as 2AM in the morning to give you their little surprise: a Mother's Day cake turned into a Birthday cake:
  • You were really happy because you never thought that you would have a birthday cake on your birthday. You were just so broke that day, you don't have anything in your pocket to buy yourself even just a slice of cake.
  • Then, at the office, you arrived late. That was just so lame for a birthday celebrant to be late on his birthday. But well, it was kind of a grand entrance, because your officemates clapped at your arrival. Hahaha.
  • For lunch, you ate your favorite kinilawng isda with your VIP buddies. No treat or whatsoever. haha.
  • Then at night, together with Bryan, you accompanied Jellie for his checkup at Aventus clinic. Because of that, you were not able to attend mass or light a candle for your birthday. But you were still able to thank God for all the blessings He had given you. But still, your birthday felt incomplete because of that. huhuhu... :(
  • When you checked your BDO ATM card, oh, it was such a pity. Can't even afford to buy a piece of ice cream shit. So, you went to BPI and voila there's a 500 left. So you grabbed the P400 and bought a Mango ice cream and Fried Chicken just for the sake of making your birthday official. hehe
  • There were about 100 people who greeted you on facebook. You were so overwhelmed you nearly cried. There were even people whom you didn't expect to greet you. You were such ecstatic when you realized they greeted you. wahaha
  • Then on May 6, you celebrated your birthday with your Chakaz All Stars @ K1 Family KTV. It was actually a triple birthday celebration along with Nat2 and Chen2.

Enjoying the night with my solid Chakaz All Stars! Look at our faces! Wut the hell! hahaha!

Hmmmm.... What else? I guess that's it! This birthday of yours is not really a remarkable one. Well, your birthdays aren't really worth remembering. Hahaha. How pathetic. But wait a minute, yeah! Oh, it was! But unfortunately, you can't spit it out here. There are only chosen few who knows everything. (just kidding!) Well based on the happenings I wrote above, It's not kind of a special one. It's like just one of those ordinary days. But hey buddy, you're 22 now and your life has just begun. Woooooooooohoo!!! That still deserves a cheers! Let's drink to that! :D


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