Friday, May 20, 2011

Hi Ryan,

Today May 20, 2011 is another remarkable day for you. Let me tell you the reasons why:
  • You had a very good vibe since monday because you haven't had OT and you have had enough sleep.
  • It's friday and you are singing Rebecca Black's Friday song and Katy Perry's Last Friday Night song and you feel like you're a Friday singer. You don't even know if such thing exists. LOL!
  • You're kinda excited to watch Pirates of the Carribean this weekend.
  • You went to Kyocera today just to mess with Brian and your other officemates. haha
  • Ms. Joanna treated you for lunch. You were actually ashamed because you thought it was not a treat and you ordered a very expensive food. :|
  • Leo treated the team with Hawaiian Pizza and you felt so lucky you were at Kyocera today.
  • You were super amused when you told your other teammates in Alliance how lucky you were and they were just super envy and mad!
  • You were inspired today. Aw. Hahaha!
  • And of course, It's Payday!
You don't know why, but you really felt happy today. Like every little thing in the universe is put in its proper place. You don't even know if you are making any sense here at all. But one thing is for sure, you are looking forward for another day, worth remembering like this. :)


  1. Wow! Happy you are happy! But a little envious :(( No rest. Doc noted my stubbornness to rest again. But then who would like to rest when someone asked you work updates from time to time? Tsk! Oh well, Doc should know who's to blame if my numerous ill feelings got worse...

  2. Haha. Gituyo jud to naku ang pagpaenvy nga part. Imo jud ko gikusi pagbalik naku ug inyo ko gitabangan ug away. haha. kalingaw!

    Rest sa lang jd Ms. Kring oi, To Hell with the pending tasks if imo health ang naalanganin diba? :(