Tuesday, June 14, 2011

It was Thursday, May 26, 2011. I still have a lot of pending tasks - 5 Maintenance screens in particular. But I can't afford to miss this event (happens like once in a blue moon you know). So, the hell with my pending screens (kidding. haha). No one can stop me from going home and attending this reunion. Even the BIG waves on my way to Bohol tried to stop me, but none of them were strong and powerful enough. Hahaha (feeling superman). It was like an against-all-odds journey for me.
Anyway, It was 7PM when I arrived home. I hurriedly took a bath and dressed up because I am kind of late in the event. Then my highschool best buddy Tim2x, fetched me. (This is a perk I really love when I'm here in Talibon, a lot of free rides! LOL) When I arrived, they were already attacking the poor lechon and when they saw me... wala lang... haha! Of course they were surprised! (bisag wala gyud hehe). I can still remember Brigitt's voice shouting my name when she saw me. Haha. I really missed these guys.

From here, I'll let the pictures tell you the rest of the story:

Okay let's start with the poor lechon. Poor but yummy.

Here we go now!

Aren't they gorgy? (From L - R) Chatty, Diosa, NiƱa, Brigitt, Tania

Ang mga Kulot sauna. Belen is missing in action. Boo!

We are the B-E-S-T the best! Among the R-E-S-T the rest!
Chikading-chikading lupad ug milupad. (that was our cheer! haha)

After the event, we went to Clintam's crib to chill and chat.

Then we went to Hangout: Talibon's new hangout bar.

Go yaya! No challenge ang Tanduay Ice! Haha :D

My peace y'all pose. wahaha! XD

It was very hot in there, but who cares, we danced the night away.

All soaking wet ang drama.

Okay I'm gonna stop the pictures right here... hehe.

That was an absolutely jam-packed, awesome event! One night is so not enough to recall all our sweet and funny memories from high school. I couldn't help but laugh all night reminiscing the past.

Can't wait for our next grand reunion!


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