Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Last May 29, 2011, I invited some of my closest officemates to eat our house. Aw!haha. No, it was actually our hometown's annual fiesta and it has been a tradition that we prepare something for our invited guests. Everytime I bring with me some friends, it's included in the package that I tour them around our beautiful island. So, the day after our fiesta, I took the honor to "tour guide" my honorable guests around the breath-taking tourist spots in Bohol and take note: they are all first timers. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

A pose with my guests (Jeraldy and Jellie) with my ever beautiful Maming. hehe Kenneth at this time is still at the office (Cebu) coding his pending tasks. haha :D

With the multicab that we rode for the tour.

Our first stop was the ever famous Chocolate Hills. Unfortunately, there was a drizzle when we went up the tallest Chocolate hill, but that didn't stop us from having our jump shot at the edge of the hill.

lukso jud!!!

Then, we dropped by the Man Made Forest. It's nice to have joyride there and sing Teenage Dream with all your heart. Actually we did that and it felt good. haha!

model sa mga lovely trees...

Then we went to Loboc River to watch the cute Tarsiers. The river cruise was kinda expensive so we opted not to ride.

Saonz jed ang pag-gunit sa Tarsier. Hahaha :D

Then, we dropped for a little while at Baclayon Church to take some pictures.

O diba, Vintage look. hehe

Then, we visited our friends who were having a "tagay" under the heat of the sun. Wahaha. No, it was actually the Blood Compact Shrine of Dagohoy and Miguel Lopez de Legazpi (correct me if I'm wrong. hehe).

Tagay daw o, anah ang naa sa likod. haha!

Then, our last destination was Panglao. It almost took us an hour to find a beach because all of the beaches were full. We first went to Whites and Greens beach resort but it was full so we went to Bikini beach instead. The beach in Bikini was nice but the sand isn't that nice and there were a lot of rocks. So, we went to Dumaluan beach resort after, but we were not allowed to enter by the guard because we brought some food.

Guard: "Naa mo dala pagkaon?"
Me: "Oo naa..."
Guard: "Aaaah... puno nami. Adto nalang mos lain!"

Whaaaaat!!? How RUDE and OGUBs that guard!!! That was very illogical! How come he couldn't let us in if we brought with us some food. Hahaaayz... But anyway, we didn't lose hope so we went to find some more and at last, we found Alona beach resort.
Hmmmm... I was a bit disappointed with the beach because it was grassy although the sand was fine. But I loved the view there because there were a lot of foriegners around. haha!

See the grasses at our feet?

We stayed there for a while and then went to Tubigon Port to go back to our pending tasks in Cebu. huhu :(

All in all, these were our expenses (per person):
Fare (back and forth) - P600
Gasoline and driver expenses - P400

Of course, food and accommodation was for free so it lessened our expenses. I hope my honorable guests enjoyed the tour (I guess they did!) because I, myself, who has toured Bohol for the nth time, still had a great time.

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  1. i hope u can accomodate ur 20 visitors this coming fiesta 2012.