Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Our bonding moments with Ganesha teammates have been on a roll lately. Aside from our daily Acacia moments, we also did movie-watching and partying together, mostly on Friday nights. It's maybe because the project is going to end so soon and we felt like we need to cherish the remaining moments and time together. char lang! haha!

Here are the Ganesha Friday night-outs this month of June: (note that there are also non-Friday nightouts hehe... I just like to entitle this post as Last Friday Night. I'm sorry for the incoherence...)

1. First was last June 3, Friday night. We organized it for our client for her to meet us all. We decided to go to K1 Family KTV (again??!!!) because that's our favorite place. haha. Well, as expected, we sang and danced like it's the end of the world.

I was cut in the picture. Bad! :[

Katawaa Lawrence oi! Hahaha :D

Ganesha Team Full Force!

The ever unsuccessful serious-look pose.

Dandita, the teddy bear.

Kenya vs Dandita showdown.

Oh where was our client? Actually, she was not able to come because she doesn't have our contact numbers... or so I think... toinks. haha. But anyway, that doesn't stop us from partying and enjoying the night. After K1 Family KTV, we went to Nuvo near IT Park to party some more. It was actually our first time there.

Anong kaguluhan ito?

Aaaah... c Jellie diay. Nyahaha! :D

Hubog na si John Jay. Haha

Unsa may problema Lawrence?

Gikan ka naligo Ms. Kring? Haha!

That was an incredible night because everybody danced and had fun. And I'm glad to see some of my shy teammates shaking them booties and grinding them hips. Oh yeah! That was really a WILD night! haha :D

2. Second was last June 6, Monday night (told yah! haha). We watched Xmen : First Class at Ayala Cinema. We were 16 who watched the movie. Actually I fell asleep while watching because I didn't have enough sleep the night before that. :(

Others were not included in the picture because 16 people wouldn't fit. hehe

3. Then on June 23, Thursday night, we watched On the Ropes, a French movie. I fell asleep again because I am stressed at work and I love to sleep at movie theaters. haha!

4. Then, June 24, Friday night (TGIF!) we watched Love Like Poison, another French movie. I fell asleep for the 3rd time. hahaha! After that, we went to Bryz Bar and Restaurant located at Mango Ave. We just spent 55 pesos to enjoy the night. (I wasn't able to bring camera this time. huhu)

Now that the project is going to end so so soooon, I'm afraid that we'll have to seperate ways. I just wanna say that I really enjoyed the company with these guys and I'm surely gonna miss them.

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  1. Makamingaw ning mga panahona oi!
    Hala bisag busy..LAAG gyud!