Tuesday, June 28, 2011

June 17-19, 2011
Together with Ceilo, Cherry and Sai, I went to Dapitan City where one of my barkada in college (Sai) lives. Dapitan City is home to the ever famous Dakak Beach Resort and of course our national hero Dr. Jose Rizal. And it was such a coincidence that it was Jose Rizal's 150th birthday and I was there at his place. I thought I was patriotic that time. haha.

The ship departed from Cebu at Friday, 9PM and arrived at Dapitan City Port at Saturday, almost 8:00 in the morning.

Panoramic view of Dapitan City.

Sai's father picked us from the port with a car (laishu!) and we had a very delicious breakfast waiting for us at their home. After breakfast, we never wasted time and toured the whole city immediately.

Rizal Park was our first destination.

Those pictures I'm pointing to are Rizal's collection of girlfriends. Not bad!

Serious and very eager Cherry Anne looking at the original Noli Me Tangere.

After our little historic tour, we had a super delicious lunch at Sai's place. Tita Clynia (Sai's mom) prepared all the foods that are rarely eaten in Cebu like big prawns, big alimangos, lechon baboy, chicken salad, embutido, talaba, brazo de mercedes etc.

Alimangos are my favorite.

BIG prawns.

Talaba (sea shells)

Mouth watering Brazo de Mercedes

Dakak Beach Resort was our next tourist destination.
I never thought that Dakak is a very BIG resort. It was actually the biggest resort I've ever been. It's very clean and nice and there was wifi access too at their lobby.

The entrance fee for sight seeing is 200 pesos.

Yeah! I was there...

We can't swim on the pools so picture taking nalang. hehe

Awesome rides. I wanna try all of these when I go back here!

The beach...

The bitches... Hahaha!

Isn't it breath-taking?

After Dakak, we went to Dipolog City (it's about 30 minutes ride from Dapitan City). We dropped at Menens and Lee Plaza Mall and had pizza dinner at their most famous cafe, UrChoice Cafe.

(L to R ) Me, Sai, Tita Clynia, Cherry, Ceilo. Sai's Tito took this picture.

Then, at 9PM we went back to Dapitan City to experience all the rides at Gloria's Fantasy Land.

P500 is ride all you can but excluding their
ever famous Horror House whic is priced at P100.

With the performers at Fantasy Land.

The most horrible ride was of course the "roller coaster-like" ride. Another equally scary ride was the Galleon which left me speechless and shaking after taking the ride. huhu :(
We tried all the rides (even if it's for the kids only. haha) like Ferris Wheel , Carousel and Bump Cars.

Caterpillar ride.

Bump Cars. We were really having a great time!

Then, it's time for us to face our fears... It's time for horror house! It was like crazy amazing! I mean I am not really scared of horror house because I know that it ain't real. But actually I was screaming and laughing boisterously during our little trip because I was amused of the story of our guide (she said that we'll be looking for Elmer...) and of course, the monsters were really funny scary. haha! I really enjoyed that experience. It's a "must-experience" when you go to Dapitan.

A pose taken outside the horror house.

Okay, here we go now... Ready to look for Elmer! Hahaha!

All in all, these were our expenses per person:
1200 Ship ticket (back and forth)
500 Fantasy Land (ride all you can)
100 Horror House (treat ni tita Clynia)
200 Dakak beach resort (entrance fee)

Accommodation, food and transportation service is for free so it lessened our expenses.
2,000 Pesos is not bad for all the fun and great time that we had.
When I got back to Cebu (at the office in particular), I was like scolded by our PL. huhuhu :(
But no matter, this trip is worth all the scold. wahahaha :D


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