Sunday, July 31, 2011

Last July 22, 2011, I finally got my new lappy, a Sony Vaio Y Netbook and I'm naming it Sonnie-Boy!
OK I'm gonna stop right here and  give you guys 5 minutes to laugh or  rant or say anything about me because I know I'm a freak. Wohahaha! >:D

Okay let me continue with my little introduction of Sonnie-Boy. wahaha. :P

Yeah, I'm naming it Sonnie-Boy. The first name I thought was actually Sonia (it would fit if I bought the pink one) but I bought the silver colored so it should be a masculine name.

In my year opener post, I wrote that I'll buy a MacBook Pro and I'll kill for it. (Yeah! Already killed mosquitoes, flies and cockroaches. LOL!). But just lately, Sony unveiled their latest netbook Sony Vaio Y and when I saw the netbook at SM, I immediately considered buying it rather than the more expensive MacBook Pro. Sony Vaio is actually the only laptop brand I would consider if I would not buy an Apple brand. Hehe. I spent many nights thinking about it, searched a lot of blog reviews, asked some geeks, and those led me to my final decision : to buy a Sony Vaio Y Netbook instead of MacBook Pro. 

Here are the things I considered while having a deep soul-searching:
  • MacBook Pro is super expensive. It costs around P60,00 while Sony Vaio costs half of its price. I'll have to wait for how many months just to buy MacBook and I am a person who is very impatient.
  • MacBook's Operating System is not Windows. Hahaha! Obvious ba? I mean, all my life I have used Windows OS. I am well versed with the tweaks - how to reformat, make the system fast, install programs, and I have an installer collection of amazing applications which runs on Windows OS. Even though I am an IT person, I still fear that I can't personalize or I will find it hard to personalize my laptop using MacOS.
  • MacBook is dependent on internet (that's my belief, correct me if I'm wrong) - unfortunately, we don't have WIFI in our apartment. I'm just using a pathetic SmartBro. Going to Coffee shops or WIFI hot spots is  not a good alternative either. This would mean that I would find it hard to install my desired applications especially programming tools.
  • I got fascinated with the Sony Vaio netbook's  tagline "The most powerful netbook."
  • I analyzed the reason why I want to buy a laptop - it's because I want to bring a portable device when I travel to keep me connected especially in the office. Then, I wanna try online jobs too. I really think I would find it hard to install programming tools using MacOS, I know it's very much possible but my mind is not yet open to those possibilities, hahaha.I think it would be very tedious.
  • I can buy another gadgets like  iTouch 4 and Blackberry Curve if  I choose Sony Vaio instead of MacBook.
  • I still have next year and the year after next year to buy a MacBook Pro (as long as it is not yet the end of the world on 2012. Haha!). Maybe, it's not yet really the perfect time for me to own a MacBook. Huhu. But I will someday. Haha. I know I will! =)

My thoughts on Sonnie-Boy:
  •  Honestly, at first I really had a hard time because the free OS is Windows 7 Starter. I prefer Windows XP Service Pack 3 but can't install it because the machine won't allow older versions of Windows. I didn't push through with the installation because it might cause damage to the machine. What I did was to tweak the registry to make it faster and I was successful!
  • Sound is not that nice but not bad either. Well, it doesn't matter because I bought an X-Mini Speaker and these mini speakers are really awesome gadgets! Very cute and portable but can deliver super bass, excellent and quality sound.
  • It's only 1.46 kilogram. I am excited to bring Sonnie-Boy in my next few trips.
  • No internal DVD writer. Of course, what do you expect from a netbook, huh? Well, I bought an Imation external DVD RW+ to remedy the situation.
  • So far, I am very happy with my new toy after I did the tweaks and personalized the configuration. I feel like I got a new bestfriend. =)
  • AMD Dual-Core E-350 processor (1.6GHz)
  • 11.6-inch WXGA with LED backlight (1366 x 768)
  • Genuine Windows 7 Starter 32-bit
  • 2GB RAM
  • AMD Radeon HD 6310 integrated graphics
  • 320GB hard disk
  • Wireless LAN 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth 2.1 with A2DP
  • 6-cell 3500mAh Li-Ion battery
  • 1.46 kg
Meet Sonnie-Boy! :)
Sonnie-Boy with my X-Mini Speakers.
Front View.
Sexy Back!
Today, July 31, 2011, I took a supposed to be 5-minute-nap turned into whole-afternoon-nap and had a very funny dream: the epic battle of Lord Voldemort and Harry Potter with the special participation of my highschool classmate and yours truly. Hahaha.

As long as I can remember, here are the details of the battle scene:

The venue of the battle was Hogwart-ish but with some weird characteristics (with broken bricks all around, castles but with train station and an IMAX theater. wahaha)

1. Lord Voldemort - as the usual He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.
2. Harry Potter - as himself.
3. Nagini - the snake.
4. Crischa Evanna Salas Cubar (Chat2x) - as IMAX buddy. Toinks!
5. Me, myself and I - helped Harry in the battle. Toinks!
 (It would've been nice if I played the Voldemort part... Aw! Hahaha!)

The Epic Battle:
The scene started with Lord Voldemort throwing killer spells to Harry who is running for his life. I (hiding inside the red train) was watching Harry running as fast as he can. I yelled to Harry "The Snake! The Snake!" and Harry looked at me and gave me a wink which I would interpret as - "Thank you. Now I know what to do!" Toinks.
Harry immediately went to Nagini, the snake, and pulled off a gun and injection. Then, he injected Nagini to draw blood from the creature and after that, he kissed the horrible snake. Awful! Then, he put the injection in the gun (like a bullet) and shot Voldemort but the latter just cast a spell and the injection vanished.
Harry drew one bullet from the gun, cast a deadly spell on it and swallowed it after. I think that it was the key to defeat Lord Voldemort. I gave Harry a glass of water (I didn't know why... O_o) and Harry also drank (so it's like the bullet was a pill or something. haha).
Then, I ran because Voldemort got Harry on his neck. Harry was choking... Harry has to spit the bullet at Voldemort's face to kill him! Go Harry!
Then I went downstairs where a very big IMAX theater was located. I saw my highschool classmate, Chat2x, there and immediately called her attention. I told her that Harry and Voldemort were having a battle at the train station and we have to go inside the IMAX theater to see the ending of the battle. But Chat2x was super iyat and suplada and just told me "unya na oi kay tugnaw pas sulod!!!" and the dream ended.... Huhuhu :(

I pondered for a minute why I dreamed about that epic battle and this was the result of my little investigation:
Before I went to sleep, the second to the last thing I did was to tweet this:

We were exchanging tweets with Chat2x, maybe that's why she was included in the cast.
And I've read a tweet from Clarince Joyce retweeting Lord Voldemort's tweet.
The last thing I did before I took a nap was to text Jeraldy to bring the Harry Potter 7 pirated movie tomorrow. So, it all makes sense to me now! Hahaha!

I was really disappointed when I woke up because I was not able to see the ending of the epic battle and I will have to blame Chat2x for that! Hmmmpffh!!! I think it could've been a blast and way better than how David Yates portrayed it in the real Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II movie. Aw! Hahaha.=)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

This post is a continuation of our Bukidnon-Cagayand de Oro adventure.
After our delicious eat-all-you can lunch at Mindy's, we were taken by our rafting masters to our next adventure - whitewater rafting. Yehey! I think this is the highlight of our tour because I've been looking forward for this activity even when I was still planning for our itinerary.

We rode a jeep with the big raft on its top.We traveled for 1 hour to get to our starting point.
This was our starting point. At the back was our first rapid.

We are all ready and set.
High Five before our adventure begins.

According to our rafting masters, beginner's course is 14 rapids and would usually take 2-3 hours.
This was our first rapid.
The water is actually very cold.
Our second rapid was a bit harsh. We nearly turned upside down.
This experience is really enjoyable and memorable especially if you have coward companions with you. In our story, it was Chat2. Wahahaha. Our rafting guides would say paddle 5 and we would paddle 5 times. Sometimes, Clint would paddle more than 5 times, and Chat2 would always yell at Clint "stop stop stop stop oi!" Hahaha! Hence, we named her Ms. Stop. hahaha.

High Five! Wala na naka high-five si Chat2x kay busy sige ug pamantay ni Clint. Wahaha.
It was really enjoyable, I mean super enjoyable and it was a blast! The rafting masters were also nice too, not to mention their booowring yet funny jokes. hahaha.
High Five again!
This was the time when we did high-five and our rafting masters tried to turn the raft upside down! Bad! But we were strong enough to keep the raft stable.
We also tried this position (see above picture). Our rafting masters were plotting something here... Hmmmm...

This is supposed to be straight line. Hahaha.
Our rafting masters told us stories that there were times when snakes fell from above. Waaaah! We were a bit cautious that time, watching for flying snakes.

Taking a rest while the water is calm.
 Our rafting masters said that the experience is not complete if you will not experience falling from the raft. So, that's what I did. Hehehe...
Feel the water hit your face hard.
I think I'm gonna fall! Help!
Fighting for survival!
OMG I'm gonna drown... SOS!

OMG! Don't leave me!

Dont just watch there, do something! Aw! hehehe.

They were all happy because I fell from the raft. Duh!
Here are some information you might want to know:
1. Kagay Package which includes the Dahilayan Zipline Adventure is priced P2,100 per person.
2. Whitewater rafting is from 1pm to 5pm including the travel period.
3. Documentation is P300 if you're not in a package. If you have some underwater camera, you might want to bring it along during the rafting adventure.

That was one hell of an experience! Book now a flight to Cagayan de Oro to experience Whitewater rafting. LOL! :D
July 19, 2011 Monday

We woke up to pack up our things and to take a bath.
We have to hurry because we have to ride the 4AM ferry bound for Cagayan de Oro.

Our multicab (from Paguia's Resort) took us off to Benoni port.

We arrived at Benoni Port, Camiguin.

Ferry bound to Cagayan de Oro departed.

Ferry arrived at Balingoan port. We rode a van (P100) to Cagayan de Oro city.

Arrived at Gaisano Mall Cagayan de Oro city. We rode a motorela to Jollibee near their Divisoria. Kuya Bebot, our driver, is waiting for us there to take us to Bukidnon. When we got there, we were thankful there is Jollibee, BDO, Metrobank and Mercury drugstore to cater our needs. Then we went immediately to Bukidnon (We opted not to have breakfast).

Departed from Cagayan de Oro city to Bukidnon.
 Our service was a white Innova. (Laishu!)
Arrived at Dahilayan Adventure Park, Bukidnon which houses the longest zipline in Asia (840m).
Getting ready for extreme adventure! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!
Our adventure began...
First, we took the 320m zipline and 150m zipline. It was actually our first time (all of us) to ride a zipline. We were a bit scared...
The guide is giving us instructions and safety precautions.
First to take off: Me and Brigitt. Busy kaayo ming duha ug hawid sa rope. Hahaha.
Chat2 is shouting her lungs out while Clint is enjoying the ride.Wew!
Singgit gyud Syvil! Haha. Nice pose Tania.
After that, we were then taken to the top of Mt. Kitanglad for Asia's longest zipline (840m and 4500 Ft. Level) Woah that's almost 1 kilometer! Waaaaaaaaaaaah!
We were taken by this truck? haha to the top of Mt. Kitanglad.

From the top, you can see the building where you'll land and it's very small. We were all scared but there's no backing out. We were in a flying position so we can see the whole view. 
I told myself that this experience is only once in a lifetime so I should make the most out of it. No room for fear. 
When they released me from the top, I felt all the adrenaline rushing through my veins but after a while, all the fears melted away. While I was flying, I felt like a bird. Woah! I'm on top of the world!!! I can see the very tall trees and I'm even on top of them. I can see the mountains, the rivers... The view is breathtaking... It's like I'm watching Pirates of the Carribean on IMAX or I am riding Buckbeak the Hippogriff in Harry Potter. That was really awesome! A really really unforgettable experience. 
That's me and Brigitt.
That's the position when you are about to take off!
Landing successful!
Getting our certificates with pictures for P100.
Yeah! We survived Asia's Longest Zipline! Cool!
 After experiencing extreme adrenaline, we went back to Cagayan de Oro city for our equally exciting next adventure. We dropped a little while to take some pictures at the very enormous land of pineapple that Del Monte Corporation owned.
It was very sunny yet very cold. And you'll feel pressure on your ears when you're up there, like when you're riding an airplane. hehe.
We already felt hungry as hell because we didn't have breakfast (only halls candy). Wahahaha! Our lunch was eat all you can at Mindy's CDO. We ate like there's no tomorrow. Hahaha!
Go! Eat all you can kay wala inyong mama ngari!
This is only for first round. :)
Here are some information you might want to know:
1. You'll pay 600 for the 3 rides.
2. We took Kagay package for P2,100/person. We were 6 so it was priced at P2,100. It would've been P1,850 if we were 9 persons.
3. P2,100 is inclusive of transportation from Cagayan de Oro City to Bukidnon (back and forth),  eat all you can lunch and Whitewater rafting in the afternoon.
4. You can get more information at their website Dahilayan Adventure Park or you can google Dahilayan Adventure Park. :)

Try it now! You'll never regret the experience. :0
July 16 - July 17, 2011

Yes, I was there in the Island born of Fire last July 16 and 17. Going there was really memorable for me. Click here for the story. From 1pm to 5pm I rode a shuttle ferry from Jagna bound for Camiguin.
The Shuttle Ferry from Jagna - Camiguin.
When I arrived at Camiguin, my high school classmates (Brigitt, Chat2, Tania, Syvil, Clint) who were already there fetched me from the sea port. We never wasted our time and immediately went to our first destination:

1.) Ardent Spring (Nighttime on July 16)
This is our first time to try a hot spring. We tried the 39 degrees Celsius and it was really hot at first, but after a while, it's really relaxing. After that, we already have a breakfast ready for tomorrow: 1 hotdog, 2 eggs and a cup of rice. wahahahahaha! =)
The hot spring.

The hot people. Aw! hahaha.
2.) White Beach
At first I thought the beach is like any other beaches but it isn't. It is located at the center of nowhere and it would disappear on high tide. We went there early in the morning and the sight is so wonderful. You can actually see the panoramic view of Mt. Hibok-Hibok there. The beach is so crystal clear and skyblue and the sand is so white.
Before going to White Island.
Performing sun-dance to get rid of the rain. Hahaha.
The beach at White Island.
3.) Ostrich Farm 
This is not supposed to be included in our itinerary but we insisted this because we haven't seen an Ostrich our entire lives. Ostrich farm is like very far from where our cottage is located.

The Ostrich is even taller than me. :(
Ostrich egg for breakfast. Haha.
4.) Katibawasan Falls
 I thought we'll be swimming in this falls but we opted not to. The water is not inviting so we just took some pictures. hehe.

Drama kaayo mi no? hahaha XD
We went there for a while to get a little dose of history about the volcanoes in Camiguin. It's quite educational.
Serious kaayo sila nagbasa sa history sa volcanoes ui. Hehe.
 6.) VjANDEP Bakeshoppe
 We dropped for a little while to buy pasalubong for homies: their famous delicacy, Pastel.
Pwede na maging model sa Pastel. Haha.
7.) Walkway to the old volcano and 14 stations of the cross
Waaaaaaaah. We've got no time to walk up to the top and besides it's really exhausting. At least we survived until the third station. haha :D

Imagine, this is not yet the first station but we're already exhausted.
Oooy si Brigitt nisabak... hahaha. Si Chat2 kay baw nag unsa na. Si Tania ug Clint kay drama na kaayo. Si Yeye kay murag nangayo ug limos with matching shades pa. Wahaha.
8.) Old Church Ruins
Murag "let the doors open" ang drama naku. Haha.

It was Sunday so we were thankful because we were able to pray at their little church.
9.) Sto. NiƱo Cold Spring
It was indeed very cold. At first it's really really cold to the bones but after a while, you'll get used to it and you'll never want to get off from the spring, I tell you. hehe.
The water is so crystal clear and looks cold.

10.) Soda Swimming Pool
We were really curious why they called it Soda swimming pool. We were even expecting a coke-taste pool, but it wasn't. According to Brigitt, when she tasted the water, it's quite different, but not pepsi/coke-like.Toinks!

Only Brigitt and I took a swim at the pool.
11.) Sunken Cemetery
 It's best to go to the cemetery at Sunset and we're so lucky the sun showed when we went there. We asked the boatmen if there are really corpse and he said that there really are, but we can't see them now. Toinks.
Clintams the giant, walking in Mt. Hibok-Hibok. LOL!
The sunken cemetery at sunset.
 1 day is enough to tour Camiguin, but if you wanna spend a lot of time swimming in springs (Ardent,Sto nino and Soda swimming pool) and Katibawasan falls and White beach, you'll be needing 2 days.

If you want to go there, maybe these information can help:
*From Jagna - Camiguin: 6:00AM (P550) and 1:00PM (P425)
*We stayed at Paguia's Cottages - P1500/night up to 10 persons.
It's aircontioned, with cable TV and it's affordable.
Our room. Gubot kaayo mi. Wahaha.
*You can also bring canned goods and rice because you can cook there. We bought noodles and eggs and sardines for dinner. Payment for Gasul is P50.
Tania, cooking her specialty: Sardinas with Eggs. Hahaha!
I added a lot of sabaw sa Noodles kay si Tania dili ganahan ug daghang sabaw unya ganahan man mi ni Clint mohigop ug sabaw. Hahaha!
Hahahaha! Niabot unta ug Camiguin, nag noodles lang gihapon. Bahala na, basta makalaag! Dibah? hahaha
*Paguia also offers multicab for hire/day
   First day       - P1100 (fetch from Benoni Port, take to town proper and Ardent Spring),
   Second day  - P1650 (whole day trip in Camiguin)
   Third day     - P400 (to Benoni Port)
This is Paguia's Multicab.
 *From Camiguin - Cagayan de Oro - 4:00AM (P180)

So, what are you waiting for? Save a penny now and have a vacation at Camiguin! :)