Sunday, July 24, 2011

July 19, 2011 Monday

We woke up to pack up our things and to take a bath.
We have to hurry because we have to ride the 4AM ferry bound for Cagayan de Oro.

Our multicab (from Paguia's Resort) took us off to Benoni port.

We arrived at Benoni Port, Camiguin.

Ferry bound to Cagayan de Oro departed.

Ferry arrived at Balingoan port. We rode a van (P100) to Cagayan de Oro city.

Arrived at Gaisano Mall Cagayan de Oro city. We rode a motorela to Jollibee near their Divisoria. Kuya Bebot, our driver, is waiting for us there to take us to Bukidnon. When we got there, we were thankful there is Jollibee, BDO, Metrobank and Mercury drugstore to cater our needs. Then we went immediately to Bukidnon (We opted not to have breakfast).

Departed from Cagayan de Oro city to Bukidnon.
 Our service was a white Innova. (Laishu!)
Arrived at Dahilayan Adventure Park, Bukidnon which houses the longest zipline in Asia (840m).
Getting ready for extreme adventure! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!
Our adventure began...
First, we took the 320m zipline and 150m zipline. It was actually our first time (all of us) to ride a zipline. We were a bit scared...
The guide is giving us instructions and safety precautions.
First to take off: Me and Brigitt. Busy kaayo ming duha ug hawid sa rope. Hahaha.
Chat2 is shouting her lungs out while Clint is enjoying the ride.Wew!
Singgit gyud Syvil! Haha. Nice pose Tania.
After that, we were then taken to the top of Mt. Kitanglad for Asia's longest zipline (840m and 4500 Ft. Level) Woah that's almost 1 kilometer! Waaaaaaaaaaaah!
We were taken by this truck? haha to the top of Mt. Kitanglad.

From the top, you can see the building where you'll land and it's very small. We were all scared but there's no backing out. We were in a flying position so we can see the whole view. 
I told myself that this experience is only once in a lifetime so I should make the most out of it. No room for fear. 
When they released me from the top, I felt all the adrenaline rushing through my veins but after a while, all the fears melted away. While I was flying, I felt like a bird. Woah! I'm on top of the world!!! I can see the very tall trees and I'm even on top of them. I can see the mountains, the rivers... The view is breathtaking... It's like I'm watching Pirates of the Carribean on IMAX or I am riding Buckbeak the Hippogriff in Harry Potter. That was really awesome! A really really unforgettable experience. 
That's me and Brigitt.
That's the position when you are about to take off!
Landing successful!
Getting our certificates with pictures for P100.
Yeah! We survived Asia's Longest Zipline! Cool!
 After experiencing extreme adrenaline, we went back to Cagayan de Oro city for our equally exciting next adventure. We dropped a little while to take some pictures at the very enormous land of pineapple that Del Monte Corporation owned.
It was very sunny yet very cold. And you'll feel pressure on your ears when you're up there, like when you're riding an airplane. hehe.
We already felt hungry as hell because we didn't have breakfast (only halls candy). Wahahaha! Our lunch was eat all you can at Mindy's CDO. We ate like there's no tomorrow. Hahaha!
Go! Eat all you can kay wala inyong mama ngari!
This is only for first round. :)
Here are some information you might want to know:
1. You'll pay 600 for the 3 rides.
2. We took Kagay package for P2,100/person. We were 6 so it was priced at P2,100. It would've been P1,850 if we were 9 persons.
3. P2,100 is inclusive of transportation from Cagayan de Oro City to Bukidnon (back and forth),  eat all you can lunch and Whitewater rafting in the afternoon.
4. You can get more information at their website Dahilayan Adventure Park or you can google Dahilayan Adventure Park. :)

Try it now! You'll never regret the experience. :0


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