Sunday, July 24, 2011

This post is a continuation of our Bukidnon-Cagayand de Oro adventure.
After our delicious eat-all-you can lunch at Mindy's, we were taken by our rafting masters to our next adventure - whitewater rafting. Yehey! I think this is the highlight of our tour because I've been looking forward for this activity even when I was still planning for our itinerary.

We rode a jeep with the big raft on its top.We traveled for 1 hour to get to our starting point.
This was our starting point. At the back was our first rapid.

We are all ready and set.
High Five before our adventure begins.

According to our rafting masters, beginner's course is 14 rapids and would usually take 2-3 hours.
This was our first rapid.
The water is actually very cold.
Our second rapid was a bit harsh. We nearly turned upside down.
This experience is really enjoyable and memorable especially if you have coward companions with you. In our story, it was Chat2. Wahahaha. Our rafting guides would say paddle 5 and we would paddle 5 times. Sometimes, Clint would paddle more than 5 times, and Chat2 would always yell at Clint "stop stop stop stop oi!" Hahaha! Hence, we named her Ms. Stop. hahaha.

High Five! Wala na naka high-five si Chat2x kay busy sige ug pamantay ni Clint. Wahaha.
It was really enjoyable, I mean super enjoyable and it was a blast! The rafting masters were also nice too, not to mention their booowring yet funny jokes. hahaha.
High Five again!
This was the time when we did high-five and our rafting masters tried to turn the raft upside down! Bad! But we were strong enough to keep the raft stable.
We also tried this position (see above picture). Our rafting masters were plotting something here... Hmmmm...

This is supposed to be straight line. Hahaha.
Our rafting masters told us stories that there were times when snakes fell from above. Waaaah! We were a bit cautious that time, watching for flying snakes.

Taking a rest while the water is calm.
 Our rafting masters said that the experience is not complete if you will not experience falling from the raft. So, that's what I did. Hehehe...
Feel the water hit your face hard.
I think I'm gonna fall! Help!
Fighting for survival!
OMG I'm gonna drown... SOS!

OMG! Don't leave me!

Dont just watch there, do something! Aw! hehehe.

They were all happy because I fell from the raft. Duh!
Here are some information you might want to know:
1. Kagay Package which includes the Dahilayan Zipline Adventure is priced P2,100 per person.
2. Whitewater rafting is from 1pm to 5pm including the travel period.
3. Documentation is P300 if you're not in a package. If you have some underwater camera, you might want to bring it along during the rafting adventure.

That was one hell of an experience! Book now a flight to Cagayan de Oro to experience Whitewater rafting. LOL! :D


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  2. Wish I could go there and experience the excitement. I love it. :)
    Thanks for sharing!

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