Sunday, July 31, 2011

Today, July 31, 2011, I took a supposed to be 5-minute-nap turned into whole-afternoon-nap and had a very funny dream: the epic battle of Lord Voldemort and Harry Potter with the special participation of my highschool classmate and yours truly. Hahaha.

As long as I can remember, here are the details of the battle scene:

The venue of the battle was Hogwart-ish but with some weird characteristics (with broken bricks all around, castles but with train station and an IMAX theater. wahaha)

1. Lord Voldemort - as the usual He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.
2. Harry Potter - as himself.
3. Nagini - the snake.
4. Crischa Evanna Salas Cubar (Chat2x) - as IMAX buddy. Toinks!
5. Me, myself and I - helped Harry in the battle. Toinks!
 (It would've been nice if I played the Voldemort part... Aw! Hahaha!)

The Epic Battle:
The scene started with Lord Voldemort throwing killer spells to Harry who is running for his life. I (hiding inside the red train) was watching Harry running as fast as he can. I yelled to Harry "The Snake! The Snake!" and Harry looked at me and gave me a wink which I would interpret as - "Thank you. Now I know what to do!" Toinks.
Harry immediately went to Nagini, the snake, and pulled off a gun and injection. Then, he injected Nagini to draw blood from the creature and after that, he kissed the horrible snake. Awful! Then, he put the injection in the gun (like a bullet) and shot Voldemort but the latter just cast a spell and the injection vanished.
Harry drew one bullet from the gun, cast a deadly spell on it and swallowed it after. I think that it was the key to defeat Lord Voldemort. I gave Harry a glass of water (I didn't know why... O_o) and Harry also drank (so it's like the bullet was a pill or something. haha).
Then, I ran because Voldemort got Harry on his neck. Harry was choking... Harry has to spit the bullet at Voldemort's face to kill him! Go Harry!
Then I went downstairs where a very big IMAX theater was located. I saw my highschool classmate, Chat2x, there and immediately called her attention. I told her that Harry and Voldemort were having a battle at the train station and we have to go inside the IMAX theater to see the ending of the battle. But Chat2x was super iyat and suplada and just told me "unya na oi kay tugnaw pas sulod!!!" and the dream ended.... Huhuhu :(

I pondered for a minute why I dreamed about that epic battle and this was the result of my little investigation:
Before I went to sleep, the second to the last thing I did was to tweet this:

We were exchanging tweets with Chat2x, maybe that's why she was included in the cast.
And I've read a tweet from Clarince Joyce retweeting Lord Voldemort's tweet.
The last thing I did before I took a nap was to text Jeraldy to bring the Harry Potter 7 pirated movie tomorrow. So, it all makes sense to me now! Hahaha!

I was really disappointed when I woke up because I was not able to see the ending of the epic battle and I will have to blame Chat2x for that! Hmmmpffh!!! I think it could've been a blast and way better than how David Yates portrayed it in the real Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II movie. Aw! Hahaha.=)


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