Sunday, July 24, 2011

Everytime I have trips (be it scheduled or impromptu), it's always against all odds.
To name a few,
When I went to Bantayan, pending tasks are overwhelming...
When I went to Leyte, there was a tsunami level 2 alert...
When I went to Bohol, pending tasks + tropical depression + BIG waves...
When I went to Dapitan, pending tasks + tropical cyclone in Mindanao part...

My trip to Camiguin last week was not an exception. In fact, it was so far the most challenging of all trips I ever had because it seemed that all forces of nature combined their powers just to stop me from reaching my destination. Huhuhu. Well, here is the detailed adventure of my journey to Camiguin:

July 15, 2011 (Friday)
I have many pending tasks at the office (as in gabundok nga bugs) but I thought I can manage to fix and finish them all at night of friday. But unfortunately I was wrong. I was able to finish all my tasks at 2AM. My first plan was to ride 10PM schedule bound to Talibon or 12PM schedule bound to Tubigon. But since I didn't make it on the two schedules, I just went home and slept and planned to take the 5AM trip to Tubigon the day after.

July 16, 2011 (Saturday) --- the EPIC day!

--- Still sleeping... ZZZzzzzzzz... I am supposed to pack up and leave at this time. huhu.

--- Thanks to Tania's phone call I was able to wake up. She told me that the last trip bound for Camiguin is 1PM sharp. I panicked at that moment...

--- Packed up quickly, took a bath, left immediately to Pier 1 to catch up 7:30AM ferry.

--- Arrived at Pier 1 only to realize that 7:30AM ferry was canceled due to scheduled maintenance.

--- I was so confused what to do. Should I wait for 8:45AM trip or should I find another ferry? Not to mention the annoying sea porters and vendors telling me what to do. The hell! I decided to find another ferry so I took a jeepney to Pier 3.

---Thank God there's a Sea Jet bound for Tubigon that will depart 7:45AM and I was able to catch up because I ran like hell just to get to the ferry. Phew!

7:45AM - 9:45AM 
--- Sea Jet sailed from Cebu to Tubigon. 

--- Sea Jet arrived at Tubigon Port. I immediately rode the van to Talibon which will leave at 10AM.

--- That pathetic van is still waiting for passengers. (We have to leave now! Waaaaah! I still have a trip to catch up you know! Grrrrr....)

--- Another van came and I was asked to transfer to that van. (Imbis nahiluna nakus ako pwesto.Shet!) Thank God the van left at once after I transferred.

---It's like I wanna scream out loud in anger! Why is the van super slooooow!?? Is there any traffic or something?

--- Arrived at Talibon terminal. Luckily when I got off the van, a jeepney conductor came to me and asked me if I am bound for Ubay. My plan was, to first drop by our house for 15 minutes to give Maming a kiss and a hug (she didn't know I was even there. hehe. It would have been a surprise.) but my available time can't afford it so I just rode the jeep. It was really heartbreaking to just pass by and watch your house. huhuhu :'(

--- Still in Trinidad, Bohol. The jeepney was like slower than ever! It was like following a funeral convoy. O mai gas! I looked at the other passengers and it was like normal to them. So was it just me? Maybe I am just used to how the jeepney drivers run their jeepneys here in Cebu. Hahayz... :/ 

--- Arrived at Ubay, Bohol terminal. I immediately looked for the van bound for Jagna, and much to my frustration when I realized that it will depart at 12:30PM and will arrive in Jagna at 2:00PM. I was like, oh no! What should I do? I was teary eyed out of frustration.
I didn't know what to do until I saw a lot of motorcycles parked. I asked one man there if it is possible to rent a motorcycle to bring me to Jagna and yes it's possible but I have to pay P500. O mai gas again! I said to myself that this trip is really not for me. I tried to haggle the price but it was not negotiable anymore.
I gave up at that moment. I decided to go back to Talibon and texted my high school classmates who are already at Camiguin that I didn't make it to the 1PM trip. (They were also stressed there about my updates. In fact they have not eaten their lunch at that moment waiting for my updates.) Then, they texted me to go for the P500, they will just give me P50 each when I get there at Camiguin. So, without a word, I  followed their instruction and the habal2x driver took off at once. 

--- We were already at Alicia, Bohol. The motorcycle was really fast. We overtook all motorcycles, van, cars, bus, etc...  For a van to get to Jagna, it will take 1 hour normally. It was 12:20PM when we departed from Ubay. So I have only 40 minutes left to get this through and make this trip possible. I was crossing my fingers hoping that I can still catch up. 

--- A heavy rain poured at Candijay, Bohol. It was super painful in the face. It was like millions of tiny stones were being thrown at me. huhuhu. But the driver didn't stop and the pace is still fast. I was all soaking wet that time. But no matter, I have to get to Jagna at 1PM! Gooooo!!! 

--- We were already at Guindulman, Bohol. This time, it was super hot. It was like, the forces of nature are telling me, "If the rain can't stop you, then let it shine!". Toinks!

--- At last we made it to Jagna, Bohol but it's not yet the port. So, there's still no reason for celebration. We (me, highschool classmates at Camiguin, including the motorcycle driver hahaha) were still crossing our fingers.

---I can already see the ferry from afar. And it has already made its tooooooooooooooootttt noise which means it is going to sail already in no time. I lost hope again. huhuhu :(

--- I set foot at Jagna port. It was my first time there so I didn't know where to buy tickets. I panicked. I asked the immediate person I saw and glad that he assisted me. I think the people are looking at me, like they are watching an amazing race contestant (duh!).
The cashier said the price is P425. I gave P1000 and she said that she has no change. Waaaaaaaaaaaatttt!!! I'm catching up a trip here and that lousy cashier has no change. I was like shaking (I still have no breakfast and lunch.) looking for P425. I have to open my bag and look for my money at the bottom of my clothes. The f*ck!
Then I ran like hell, but another woman yelled at me because I still have to pay P2.00 for terminal fee. I didn't have coins so I gave P5.00 and never waited for the change. Then I still have to pay P11.20 fee (I don't know what for) and I gave P20.00 and hurriedly ran to the ferry.
The porters and security guards who were watching me yelled "dagan (run!!!)" and I was more pressured. I was like dragging all my things and running like hell when I saw the ramp of the ferry raised up and I was like O mai gas! Stopppp!!! I dropped all the things I'm holding and waved my hands so that the ship crew will see that there's still an idiot who wants to ride the ferry! (I really looked stupid that time. huhuhu).
I was really fortunate that the ship crew saw me, and waited for me. He let down the ramp and when I was able to set foot at the ferry it immediately took off.


That is what I call JUST IN TIME! because it was literally just in time. I just wondered what happened if I wasted just a second while I was on my journey... maybe I didn't make it to Camiguin.
But no matter what, I still made it! Yehey! Congratulations to me!!!

I immediately texted my highschool classmates in Camiguin and they were also happy, that time, they were free to eat lunch without any worries. That was really an awesome and thrilling ride for me.
Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh! Would I like to experience this adventure again in my next few trips? My answer is a big NO. It was really fun and challenging but you don't know how it feels when you were still at the stage of experiencing the whole adventure. It was like you would want to stop breathing. I really can't explain it in words (basta mao na to! haha).  :)


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