Sunday, July 24, 2011

July 16 - July 17, 2011

Yes, I was there in the Island born of Fire last July 16 and 17. Going there was really memorable for me. Click here for the story. From 1pm to 5pm I rode a shuttle ferry from Jagna bound for Camiguin.
The Shuttle Ferry from Jagna - Camiguin.
When I arrived at Camiguin, my high school classmates (Brigitt, Chat2, Tania, Syvil, Clint) who were already there fetched me from the sea port. We never wasted our time and immediately went to our first destination:

1.) Ardent Spring (Nighttime on July 16)
This is our first time to try a hot spring. We tried the 39 degrees Celsius and it was really hot at first, but after a while, it's really relaxing. After that, we already have a breakfast ready for tomorrow: 1 hotdog, 2 eggs and a cup of rice. wahahahahaha! =)
The hot spring.

The hot people. Aw! hahaha.
2.) White Beach
At first I thought the beach is like any other beaches but it isn't. It is located at the center of nowhere and it would disappear on high tide. We went there early in the morning and the sight is so wonderful. You can actually see the panoramic view of Mt. Hibok-Hibok there. The beach is so crystal clear and skyblue and the sand is so white.
Before going to White Island.
Performing sun-dance to get rid of the rain. Hahaha.
The beach at White Island.
3.) Ostrich Farm 
This is not supposed to be included in our itinerary but we insisted this because we haven't seen an Ostrich our entire lives. Ostrich farm is like very far from where our cottage is located.

The Ostrich is even taller than me. :(
Ostrich egg for breakfast. Haha.
4.) Katibawasan Falls
 I thought we'll be swimming in this falls but we opted not to. The water is not inviting so we just took some pictures. hehe.

Drama kaayo mi no? hahaha XD
We went there for a while to get a little dose of history about the volcanoes in Camiguin. It's quite educational.
Serious kaayo sila nagbasa sa history sa volcanoes ui. Hehe.
 6.) VjANDEP Bakeshoppe
 We dropped for a little while to buy pasalubong for homies: their famous delicacy, Pastel.
Pwede na maging model sa Pastel. Haha.
7.) Walkway to the old volcano and 14 stations of the cross
Waaaaaaaah. We've got no time to walk up to the top and besides it's really exhausting. At least we survived until the third station. haha :D

Imagine, this is not yet the first station but we're already exhausted.
Oooy si Brigitt nisabak... hahaha. Si Chat2 kay baw nag unsa na. Si Tania ug Clint kay drama na kaayo. Si Yeye kay murag nangayo ug limos with matching shades pa. Wahaha.
8.) Old Church Ruins
Murag "let the doors open" ang drama naku. Haha.

It was Sunday so we were thankful because we were able to pray at their little church.
9.) Sto. NiƱo Cold Spring
It was indeed very cold. At first it's really really cold to the bones but after a while, you'll get used to it and you'll never want to get off from the spring, I tell you. hehe.
The water is so crystal clear and looks cold.

10.) Soda Swimming Pool
We were really curious why they called it Soda swimming pool. We were even expecting a coke-taste pool, but it wasn't. According to Brigitt, when she tasted the water, it's quite different, but not pepsi/coke-like.Toinks!

Only Brigitt and I took a swim at the pool.
11.) Sunken Cemetery
 It's best to go to the cemetery at Sunset and we're so lucky the sun showed when we went there. We asked the boatmen if there are really corpse and he said that there really are, but we can't see them now. Toinks.
Clintams the giant, walking in Mt. Hibok-Hibok. LOL!
The sunken cemetery at sunset.
 1 day is enough to tour Camiguin, but if you wanna spend a lot of time swimming in springs (Ardent,Sto nino and Soda swimming pool) and Katibawasan falls and White beach, you'll be needing 2 days.

If you want to go there, maybe these information can help:
*From Jagna - Camiguin: 6:00AM (P550) and 1:00PM (P425)
*We stayed at Paguia's Cottages - P1500/night up to 10 persons.
It's aircontioned, with cable TV and it's affordable.
Our room. Gubot kaayo mi. Wahaha.
*You can also bring canned goods and rice because you can cook there. We bought noodles and eggs and sardines for dinner. Payment for Gasul is P50.
Tania, cooking her specialty: Sardinas with Eggs. Hahaha!
I added a lot of sabaw sa Noodles kay si Tania dili ganahan ug daghang sabaw unya ganahan man mi ni Clint mohigop ug sabaw. Hahaha!
Hahahaha! Niabot unta ug Camiguin, nag noodles lang gihapon. Bahala na, basta makalaag! Dibah? hahaha
*Paguia also offers multicab for hire/day
   First day       - P1100 (fetch from Benoni Port, take to town proper and Ardent Spring),
   Second day  - P1650 (whole day trip in Camiguin)
   Third day     - P400 (to Benoni Port)
This is Paguia's Multicab.
 *From Camiguin - Cagayan de Oro - 4:00AM (P180)

So, what are you waiting for? Save a penny now and have a vacation at Camiguin! :)


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  2. Hehe! Weeeeeeeeeeee! Go Miss! Dili jud ka mag regret... :)