Monday, September 19, 2011

It's official, I'm going to take N3 again for this year's JLPT Exam. Last year, I took N3 and damn I failed. Although I put on my best efforts from April until November to study hard, I still got 70/180 score (95 is the passing score by the way).

At the start of this year, I promised myself that I'll definitely be back and take N3 again with revenge. But unfortunately, I was assigned to a heavy project and until this month, I still can't find vacant time to study for Nihongo. That's why, I decided to take N4 instead because with a little refresher, I think I can manage to pass this exam. But the company won't allow me: "N4 is nothing in the eyes of the client" as they say. So I think it's inevitable, I have to take N3. (huhuhu) As we jokingly say, "Donate napud tag P800 ani sa Japan Foundation... LOL" (referring to our P800 examination fee.)

If I carefully analyze things, I can say that I only have 30% passing percentage for this year's N3 exam, unlike last year which I think I got 50% passing percentage. See last year, when it was September, I already stopped going nighouts on Friday nights, studied nihongo on weekends, woke up early everyday to review, and spent 2 hours of office time to take mock exams. But the result of my major efforts was also major, major failure. :(

Well, It was not a pleasant experience but it didn't affect me or anything though. The moment I took the exam, I already know that I won't pass. What happened actually was during the exam especially the reading comprehension part, I did not really read the questions and instead, answered it right away. Hahaha. I didn't know what came across my mind but I was really idiot that time. It was late when I realized that I wasted the couple of months I spent to study and prepare for the exam and when the final moment came, I just played with it. Anyway, there's no point of crying over spilled milk. Hehe.

This year, I was really frustrated when I was not allowed to take N4 instead of N3. I understand the company's point so I just have to follow them. With barely 2 months to prepare, I am like doing mission impossible. For me, it's either easy or impossible and for this case, it's impossible. My Nihongo level as of the moment is still N5. I really forgot all of the basics in Nihongo, like I can't even remember the most basic words.

Last month,  I took an internal N4 mock exam and yeah I failed. Maybe because I was super late that time (came in 10:20 for an 8:30 exam), and I was not really determined to pass that If I find a long question, I just did my "bantut-bantut" technique again.

Our sensei said that if we'll spare 2 hours of our time everyday, we could have a 50/50 chance of passing, but with my schedule for the upcoming weekends, that would rather be impossible. I think only 1 weekend in October, and 2 weekends in November are still not occupied which I think will soon be booked also for my relentless adventures. Haha!

I really don't know what to do to pass this exam. It has been a long time since I earned an achievement. The last time was when I was the only Josenian who passed the PhilNits Exam for our batch March 2010 (giro mode). After that, it was a long drought and I don't know when and how to break that spell. I missed that feeling of glory that I always get when I was in college. But nevermind, I will just focus myself in enjoying the things which I didn't enjoy in college like exploring the wonders of Philippines. Aw! (sourgraping mode)

So I guess, I'm having a mission impossible this December 4 then. Who would want to join me? :)