Sunday, September 4, 2011

Thank God it's already September! I love this month since it has the suffix -ber (or is it really a suffix? hehe) in it and it would mean that Christmas is already in the ayer. I'm also excited this month because I'm back to my usual jam-packed-month-of-adventure. Yeheeeyyy!

1. Ganesha outing - We've been tryin' and tryin' hard to have our team getaway last July and August but it was cancelled or postponed and then cancelled again until everyone got tired. Well, we will try again this coming holiday, September 9 and are still crossing our fingers that hindrances will not lurk around. I hope we'll push through this time.

2. Chakaz outing - Another frustrating one. Hahaha! We tried to match our schedules but none of those attempts worked. It was still July when we were planning for an outing but hello it's already September now and we haven't even seen each other yet. I think an impromptu outing would work for us just like our Leyte and Dapitan trip. Hehe.

3. Solo Tagaytay trip - I'm very excited but kinda scared of this adventure. It's my first time to go on a solo trip and I'm not that well versed with the routes of Manila yet. I'm making my best efforts now to study the place before going there. In fact, I'm making my itinerary as early as now (first week of September) to be fully prepared for this adventure. I hope everything will be alright then.

4. Baguio trip with my VIP buddies - After I go to Tagaytay, I will join my best buddies for our trip in Baguio. I am also very excited for this one. I hope the weather will be fine (and cold) that day.

I think that would be all... No new gadget investment this month. Hehe. I think all my salary for this month will be spent to my trips. It's alarming that I don't have any savings in my bank account - I still have to plan for that maybe next year. Hehehe. But for the mean time, I'll just indulge myself with adventures, gadgets, and other heavenly things that can satisfy my bodily needs. Wahaha. What's important is I'm more than happy with what's goin' on right now... =)


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