Saturday, October 22, 2011

Last October 15-16, 2011, we had our project closure outing (at last! hehe).
We were a bunch of 15 people (the biggest in attendance of ganesha outing so far):
Ryan, Jellie, Kresia, Miraflor, Charina, Maan, Kim, Fritz,
Dandee, Ed, Brian, Kenya, Lawrence, Michael, Mitchy

Venues: 1. Batong Malunhaw Beach Resort Madridejos, Alegria Cebu
             2. Villa Isabella Beach Resort Ponong, Samboan Cebu

Departure from South Bus Terminal : 7:00AM
Arrival in Batong Malunhaw Beach Resort: 11:00AM

What happened in Batong Malunhaw:
We were so disappointed because the resort is still under construction. Waaaaaah! Now we knew why we can't contact the numbers that we found in the internet. Tsk tsk.
Lesson learned : Don't go to a resort when you don't have any booked reservation especially if you are going with a bunch of people.
Swimming Pool at Batong Malunhaw Resort
Huhuhu :( Still under construction / renovation.

Well anyway, even though it broke our hearts a little, we didn't lose hope and opted for our fallbacks: either go back to Kawasan Falls + Little Boracay or go to Samboan. Most of us were in favor of Samboan since we have already visited Kawasan Falls + Little Boracay 3 months ago. We were so lucky that another CERES Bus bound for Bato came along and we immediately rode the bus. Samboan is another 1 hour travel from Alegria.
Inside the Bus from Alegria to Bato. We just laughed off our Batong Malunhaw frustrations. Hahaha.

Departure from Alegria to Samboan: 11:30AM
Arrival in Samboan : 12:30PM

What happened in Villa Isabella:
We were kinda hesitant when we were trekking the paths to Villa Isabella because we suspected that the place is also under construction. We were so hungry that time but were bit amused with the funny things that were going on. At first glance, we thought that the resort was a haunted house because there were no signs of people and it is not maintained well. But we tried our luck and without any permission, went in through the back gate and shouted "Ayo! Is anybody here?"
Then after a minute of  endless Ayo?! a man popped out from nowhere - one of the caretakers of the place. Oh yeah, we were thankful the place is still a resort and open for tourists like us. Aw. Since we were so hungry and desperate to find a resort that time, without any thoughts, we decided to stay in that place.
Trekking the paths to Villa Isabella Resort. We suspected another "Under Construction" resort here.
Backgate was closed but we just moved the plywood to get in. Wahaha :D
The back gate.

We went in here, hoping that the resort is still open for tourists.

Villa Isabella as seen from the back part.

It was already 1PM and everyone was hungry like hell. We didn't have any viand, only rice (puso). Jellie and I went to Ginatilan Public Market and Samboan Public Market to buy food for lunch and dinner. We thought that we can buy anything there, but alas, we can't find anything to buy. Toinks. It was 1PM so we understood that the vendors of meat and fish are all taking their afternoon nap. Hehe. (so foolish of us to think of Ayala grocery store in Ginatilan and Samboan public market.wahaha.) Well anyways, after some heavy searching, thank God we found a stand that sells lechon manok and hurriedly went back to our resort. One amazing thing that we discovered was that there's a free wifi outside Ginatilan Church and Samboan Public Market. Of course, we immediately tweeted and updated our statuses in facebook quickly. Hehe.

We had karaoke after lunch.

Some didn't mind the hot weather. Honestly, the beach was super inviting but I didn't give in.

Pictorial galore.

Can you decipher what we are trying to spell here? Okay, I know it's hard so I'll just tell you - it's Ganesha. Hahaha. Now, it's your turn to look for the letters. Hahaha.

From L to R: Mirang, Kresia, Dandee, Maan ala Shamcey Supsup body, Yours truly, Brian nga nisimang, Fritz, Lawrence

Latay-latay sa tulay.

A pose taken during the sunset. It was really nice - the sunset.
Breath-taking sunset at Samboan beach.

Cooking for dinner.

Grilled Molmol fish.

I love cooking so I took the honor to grill the fish while the others are busy with their stuffs. Mitchy was my assistant haha.

They're up in my grill.

Mike (rightmost) is the cutest I must say. hahaha!

Grilled Pusit slurp!


After dinner, we had a team building activity since this is a company outing. We have the called solidarity night wherein we will share our lessons learned, what we were before and after the Ganesha Project started, or just anything we would like to share. All of us had our chances at the hot seat and it was nice hearing all of the lessons learned and changes that the project has brought to each of us. It was also nice being in the hot seat telling them all your nice and bad experiences during the project duration.
After that, we had an awarding ceremony. I got the Most Pulang Lubot award because at the office, I'm not always in my workstation because I always visit the workstations of my fellow developers. hahaha.
We really enjoyed the activity that night.
Lawrence in the hot seat.
 After the solidarity night, we went to the beach for a night swimming. The beach was really crystal clear and it was really nice swimming in there. It is advisable to have your slippers on though because it is not sand but pebbles on the seafloor. We had our tagay and laughing sessions and enjoyed the night until dawn. I was really sleepy at 3:30 AM so I have to leave some others and go to sleep. All were asleep at 4AM.

After this pose, we had a night swimming at the beach.

2nd Day
On the second day, I was the first one to wake up (7AM). When I woke up, I thought it was already World War III. Wahaha. You know (hhrrrhkkk) here, snore there snore everywhere... Waaaaah... So I went outside and enjoyed the view. It was breath-taking and relaxing.

Negros Province as seen from Samboan.

The beach with no bitches. Haha.

Brian was the next to wake up. We decided to wake up everyone by singing them a wonderful song in the morning. So we went to the karaoke room and sang our hearts out. It was effective since all of them woke up one by one and joined us in the karaoke.
Brian - Emo mode.

Cha wants to join in the karaoke but we closed the doors for her. Wahaha.

Kim, Miss Kring, Charina and Lawrence cooked for our breakfast: corned beef, egg omelet and sardines.

Kim and Lawrence preparing to set fire.

In-charge for breakfast.

Ready for breakfast.

We checked out at 1:00PM and headed back home with a big smile in our faces. It was indeed another successful and enjoyable outing with Ganesha pipz. I hope this one will not be the last (definitely!).

Last pose with the beach before we go home.

We rode a CERES bus bound to Bato (P10 fare), then from Bato to Cebu City. The bus departed 2PM and arrived in South Bus Terminal at 6PM. In this trip, it's amazing that we have toured the whole south of Cebu. Yipeee!!!

A pose taken at Bato Bus Terminal.

Inside the bus.

Along Santander, we also saw Sumilon Island. I think the island is so nice and I have promised myself that I'll be going there someday. Hehehe.

Panoramic View of Sumilon Island. Photo was taken inside the bus.


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