Sunday, September 11, 2011

Last September 9-10, 2011 our team decided to take a break from work, breathe fresh air and have an
escapade at Dalaguete Spring and Alcoy Beach.

Here is our itinerary:
5:30AM                    -Meet at South Bus Terminal
6:00AM - 8:30AM   -Travel time (CERES Bus) from Cebu City to Dalaguete
                                 -Bus will drop you off Dalaguete Spring
8:30AM - 1:30PM    -Swimming in Dalaguete Spring
                                 -Went to Dalaguete Public Market to buy food for lunch
1:30PM - 2:00PM    -Took a tricycle from Dalaguete Spring to Tingko Beach at Alcoy
2:00PM until tomorrow morning -Swimming at Tingko Beach
                                                  -Bonding sessions

Just a little thoughts about the two places:

Dalaguete Spring - Not really a place where you'll be WOWed at first glance but it's nice to drop by there for a while and take a swim at the very cold water. It's perfect for relaxation. If you want to take a break from the busy life in the city, you know... breathe fresh air, listen to birds chirping and see greens all around, this would be a perfect getaway.
Alcoy Beach - Honestly I was surprised when I first saw the beach. It really exceeded my expectations.  The sand is artificially white and fine but who cares if they put the white sand there on purpose? What's important is it's white and fine and I loved it. You'll never be disappointed with the beach because it's crystal clear and clean. There are cottages built on top of a big rock and you can stay there overnight. I didn't enjoy though my overnight stay there because it was so cold and I forgot to bring my own pillow and blanket - make it bedroom showcase. I was attacked by my rheuma or arthritis that night so I was not able to sleep soundly. I suggest that you bring your bedroom showcase along when you want to stay here overnight.

Here are some pictures to tell you the rest of the story hehe:

This is the Dalaguete Spring.

I was really surprised that the Spring is directly connected to the sea.

Planking at the Spring. hehe.

You can rent table cottages for P150 if you want to eat there.

The water is so cold and crystal clear.

It was low tide, so the Spring was also low tide. Aw! haha.

There was a man who sold us these sea shells for P150/pail. He did the honor of getting the meat for us.

Photography stuff... hehe.

It was my first time to eat raw Talaba Shells. I usually eat them already cooked. I think raw and fresh is more healthy but not that delicious as cooked. hehe.

See how clear the water is? 
We rode a tricycle from Dalaguete Spring to Tingko beach at Alcoy. Travel time is more or less 20 minutes. Fare is P20 if I'm not mistaken.

This is the beach at Alcoy.

The artificial white sand. The caretaker told us not to dig deeper  in the sand because it would show the original soil of the beach. Hahaha. There are also some rocky area in the beach.

There are cottages built on top of a big rock where you can stay overnight.

This is the cottage that we took. We paid P1500 good for 10 persons only and P100 for extra persons.

We had our "Tindahan ni Aling Kresia" haha.

Front view of our cottage.

It actually rained at 5PM that day. :( 
Here are the cottages.
Let Mirang do the cooking.

Of course, grilled pork chop is always a part of my recipe. hehe. We rented the grill for P50.

Grilled Talaba Shells. Slurp!

Our actual plan was not to rent any cottages but stay on our tents instead. But there's a fee also if you want to use tent in the beach. I forgot the price but I think it would range from P100-P250.

Since I was not really able to sleep that night, I woke up early in the morning to take some nice pictures.

The beach in the morning.
The aftermath from last night's activities.

Wala lang. haha.

Nice view, isn't it?
Sunrise at Tingko beach, Alcoy.

View from the top.

The cottages as seen from the top.
Last pose before going home.

Expenses (Rough estimate only because I forgot already hehehe):
  • Bus fare from Cebu City to Dalaguete          - P110.00
  • Entrance fee Dalaguete Spring                     - P10.00
  • Cottage rent Dalaguete spring                      - P150.00
  • Tricycle fare from Dalaguete to Tingko Beach Alcoy  - P20.00
  • Food Expenses                                           -P300.00/pax
  • Griller rent                                                     -P50.00
  • Cottage rent                                                -P1500.00/10persons
  • Karaoke rent                                               -P5.00/song
  • Bus fare from Alcoy to Cebu                        -P130.00


  1. Kabati sa pictures oi. Haaaayst nausik akong oras.

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