Saturday, October 22, 2011

What's nice about this place:

  • We had great experience in this resort because we were the only visitors that time. It was like we owned the place.
  • Nice view - very photogenic in the pictures.
  • They have nice videoke equipment.
  • Beach is super nice and crystal clear but mind you, there are a lot of sea urchins.
  • We can use their plates, spoon, fork and glasses free of charge.
  • Rooms are big and affordable.
  • It's nice to have night swimming at the beach.

Drawbacks of this place:
  • It is hard to find. They don't have big karatola telling you that this is the way to Villa Isabella Beach Resort. If you want to go there here are some landmarks:
  • Samboan Medical Clinic is a landmark near the resort.  Or you can tell the driver to drop you off Villa Isabella Beach Resort or Shotzzz Bar and Resto (just pray that the driver is familiar of the place hehe).
  • It is not well maintained since there are no frequent visitors of the place.
  • There are garbages in the seashore.
  • There are a lot of dogs that poops anywhere in the resort, much to my disgust, those dogs poops along the shoreline. Waaaah! I think it is not a good idea for a beach resort to have dogs. Then those dogs are much nuisance because they are not aloof of people so they always go to you and ask for food which is cute for the first hour but a heavy nuisance after the next hours.
  • We were happy because we can refrigerate our fish and meat but their fridge is like kinda old. I was electrified two times! Huhuhu. I think they have to buy a new fridge because it's too dangerous for tourists like us.
  • Beach is crystal clear but no white sand, just pebbles and there are a lot of sea urchins.
  • (This is important) Caretakers need proper orientation about people management and hospitality. Honestly, their caretakers don't know what hospitality really means. For instance, the male caretaker of Shotzzz bar and resto, he is kinda dumb because we were asking for plates but we need to repeat it like a million times for him to hear us. Glad he has a hospitable assistant that took care of our needs there. The caretaker was also drunk the next day and he nags at people when he is drunk - very scary. We can't checkout at 12PM because the assistant boy caretaker is not allowed to handle checkout of customers so we have to call the owner of the resort to receive the payment and it took us a lot of time to wait. Then there is this another girl, whose attitude is like a b****. When we had our karaoke, she's so uneducated that she inserted her songs to our waiting playlist. "Ako say kanta ha kay broken hearted ko karon." she said. Who cares by the way? Hahaha. And then, when she started singing, she can't even pronounce the words correctly which sort of gave us some amusement.  Waaaah she's murdering the songs. Wahaha! Then, there's a hammock there and she like owned the beach resort that she won't let me use the hammock. Seriously, this girl needs proper orientation or if possible, in depth education please. I'm calling the management of the resort to please take good discipline of those two people. (WOW have I written a lot? hahaha ooopssiiie.) Anyway, I would like to thank also the boy assistant of the male caretaker and the old lady below who helped us with our needs during our stay at the resort. We gave them tip for their hospitality before we went home. =)
  • The old lady (left) helped us with the cooking stuffs and all. Thank you very much for your help. =)

Here are some photos to help you also picture out the place:

The seashore is not white sand but white pebbles. 
Dining area outside.
There are bench outside which lets you take a good look at the beach.
Their kitchen. This is where you borrow the plates, spoon, fork and glasses. This is where you can also find the refrigerator (beware of this one - electrified twice).
Enjoying the beach. There are also white sand parts but be cautious of sea urchins lurking everywhere.
This is where you sing your lungs out - videoke time!
Beach front.
Another beach front.
It's white pebbles, not white sand.
Dogs are cute but their poopies are disgusting especially when you can see those poopies floating merrily in the beach. Waaaaaah sooooo disgusting!
Videoke room.
The beach on a sunny day.

The beach.
Family room for P1500.
Comfort Room.

Room Rates: P1500 for family room
                    P1200 for small room
                    P150 for extra bed.

Contact Numbers:
09212002327 look for Orbiso

Ponong, Samboan Cebu - 3 hours travel from Cebu City.
You can ride Sunrays or CERES bus from South Bus Terminal.

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I'm gonna give a mediocre 5.5 out of 10 rating for this resort.
I just hope they'll improve the next time I set foot on their place.
But still, all in all, I must say that it was a great experience. :)


  1. Well-written geng :)
    For the rating mine would be a 7 :D
    Despite its setbacks I think it's still a place worthy to check out :)

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  3. I'm kinda excited to check out the place since I'm going to Samboan next month but got discouraged when you tell the other side of the story. Customer service is IMPORTANT for me. Now, I felt like I'm in doubt if I should check out the place or look for something else coz probably I'll be on a solo flight. Having a drunk caretaker is scary specially that I'll be on a solo flight trip. Nevertheless, I'm glad that you share two sides of the story.


  4. Hi Kareen,

    Nakonsenxa na hinuon ko coz u got discouraged... hehe. But that was not my intention why I told the other side of the story. I just want to give a heads up to the people who wants to go there so that they'll know what/who to avoid. hehe

    But it's still worth a visit, just beware of the two persons I mentioned so that your vacation will not be ruined...hehe

    Enjoy your trip and God bless! :)

  5. Beach resorts are in high demand at koh samui. I am also in race of getting best and affordable villa there. Wish me luck!