Monday, November 7, 2011

Four days has passed but I'm still bugged with my wisdom tooth!
I thought that this would last for only two to three days but it's like this would last for ages. Huhu.
It's really painful that I can't eat properly and I have totally lost my appetite (which is kinda advantageous for my diet. hehe).
This b*llsh*t already got me a sick leave last Friday.
Last weekend, I couldn't enjoy my Malapascua getaway fully (only 90%) because it's always making papansin.
And while I'm eating, because I'm trying to avoid using this friggin' tooth, I accidentally bit my tongue and
yeah it added insult to the injury.

Last Friday, I had a small fever and I'm was crying like a crybaby alone in my room because the pain won't
go away. It's beating the hell out of me! I contacted my personal nurses (Chat2x and Tania) and 
they texted me to buy Mefenamic Acid to at least alleviate the pain. I bought a dozen and thank God it was a bit effective - but I have to take it for at least every 6 hours.

I can't do anything properly. My whole day is wasted!
Why should this tooth come out or grow to its fullness during this age?
Or why does it have to come out? I'm already contented with my teeth and I don't
want any friggin' wisdom tooth!!!
I want to find some pliers and pluck this friggin' thing out and when it's already plucked out,
I'm gonna burn it, hammer it and crush it into pieces. Waaaaaaaaaaaah!!!

Well, at least there's a single thing I have learned from this aching experience:
"It's not easy to gain wisdom... You'll suffer first before grasping its fullness."
Aww!!! - or am I making any sense here? Hahaha...

Wait...Agggaaaaaaayyy! It's hurting again! Lemme grab my medicine first... :(


  1. geng? kawawa naman you :((
    hope ma ok nana soon :(

  2. Huhuhu uu miss... murag 1 and a half week naku nag antos aning kasakit. huhu :(