Monday, November 7, 2011

Last November 5 - 6, I went to the paradise island of  Malapascua with my officemates and friends.
Our trip was supposedly cancelled because many people suspected a bad weather.
I also backed off because of my still agonizing wisdom tooth but I didn't buy the bad weather suspicion. That weekend was a long weekend (November 7 was declared as non-working holiday), so it would be a waste if we would just sleep our asses off during the holiday. So, I insisted to push through with the trip and I'm glad that majority were also willing to go on.

We were divided into two batches because the other people still have to work nightshift so they will just catch with us in Malapascua.

1st Batch
Ryan, Jellie, Wietzell, Jerson, Lawrence
2nd Batch
Charina, Ricco, Erwin, Chady, Tonet, Lejee

The trip
3:45 am - Meet up at North Bus Terminal
4:00 am - 8:30 am Bus trip from North Bus Terminal to Maya Port, Daan Bantayan
9:00 am - Boat trip from Maya Port to Malapascua Island
10:00 am - Arrival at Malapascua
10:00 am - 11:00am Looked for a resort for almost an hour.

After comparing at least 5 different resorts, we decided to stay at Purple Snapper Dive Resort. Even though it is not located in a beach front, we were still happy because of the big pool. The beach is just a walking distance so it is not a big problem at all.

Just contact the numbers if you are interested. :)
A view of the pool from the top.
12:00 pm - Lunch at Ging Ging's Flower Garden

The restaurant.
They serve delicious meals especially their Chicken Curry.
1:00 pm - 3:00 pm - Explored the little island of Malapascua.

On our way to the lighthouse.
Lawrence having his moment...  Who are you thinking of, Bart? hahaha
Finally at the lighthouse.
3:00 pm - Went back to Purple Snapper Resort.
4:00 pm - Swimming at the Beach.
6:00 pm - Fetched batch 2 at the Malapascua Port.

Batch 2 (from L - R) Ricco, Erwin, Tonet, Lejee, Charina and Chady

7:00 pm - Dinner time
Ricco cooked for dinner this time.
Always present in every outing, I know. hehe
9:00 pm 'til down - Pool Party!!!
Okay raka geng? haha

Smile gihapon bisag kadlawn na.
Malapascua Scandal! LOL!
2nd Day
6:00 am - Woke up early to take some pictures of the beach.
A resort at the front beach.
An expensive resort at the front beach.
Fine Sand.
A Pirate Cruiser.
I want more beach!!!

Malapascua Beach.

Nice view at the beach.
8:00 am - Breakfast time. Thanks to Purple Snapper for the inclusive breakfast.
8:30 am - 12:00 am - Snorkeling and trip around the island
This is literally a crystal clear water.

On our way to our first stop.

Enjoyin' the ride.
Crocodile-formed coral reef.
Oh holy shit! Please get a room! LOL!

End of the ride.

1:00pm - Check out time.

Group Picture!

Solo Pic. LOL!

Bye Bye Purple Snapper. :(
Last pose before we ride the boat.
2:00 pm - Lunch at the house of Vanessa (Charina and company's college classmate) at Agujo just 10 minutes ride from Maya Port.
7:00 pm - Home Sweet Home <3

Resort Rates
P1200.00 good for 2 persons per room
250 for extra persons
* note that this is inclusive of breakfast

Miscellaneous Expenses
Cook charge (rice) - 50.00
Mineral Water      - 60.00
Plate, Pork and Spoon charge - 100.00
Griller charge - 100.00
Coke liter - 80.00 (so you better bring your own softdrinks)

I recommend that you visit Malapascua as soon as possible! hehe.
If you think that a trip to this paradise island is a very  expensive one, then you better think twice by looking at our summary of expenses:

163.00 - Bus fare from North Terminal - Maya Port
80.00 - Boat fare from Maya Port - Malapascua
20.00 - Small boat
108.00 - Lunch
15.00 - Motorcycle ride from Parola to Resort
350.00 - Snorkeling (Gears included)
550.00 - Combined food and resort expenses
10.00 - Maya Port to Agujo
154.00 - Agujo to North Terminal

See? So, what are you waiting for? Visit Malapascua now!
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  1. @pool party pic #1: wahaha! ok ra man ko geng. :p

  2. Hi, Nice photos. - including the wacky ones! he he! I enjoyed reading your blog, and the funny captions you have put for your photos.

    I used your blog to research Malapascua before embarking on my own trip.

    You can see my travel blog (on Malapascua and another 14 places I have so far visited in the Philippines) here -

    Keep blogging and snapping .. photos :)