Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sweet November -  a very typical blog post title eh? I'm sorry I feel lazy to think of a nice blog post title today. Hehe. Well anyway, time really flies so fast! It's already November! This time last year, I was in Bohol visiting my father's grave but this year is a little different since it's my first time to spend All Saint's day and All Soul's day in Cebu. I was not able to go home since we had our Baguio trip last weekend and I have to report to work on November 2. How sad... :(

Anyway, what's up for this month of November?
Will it be sweet to me?
Let's see what are the things I have to do this month:

1. Write my pending blog posts
  • Highschool reunion at Barracuda Beach with highschool classmates
  • Camotes trip with Chakaz All Stars
  • Bacolod trip with officemates
  • Baguio trip with my friends last September
  • Baguio trip with my family just this weekend (October 29 - 31)
2. Hit the gym
Our company made a partnership with BodyTone just last month and I immediately took the opportunity to enroll. They said that the usage of gym will start this November. Honestly, I'm not after on gaining those six pack abs or those siakoy-like muscles. I just want to prevent myself from getting too fat because I can feel that I'm gaining a lot of weight lately and my tummy can now compete with a preggy's womb. huhuhu. But they said enrolling in the gym would possibly increase one's food intake (if you don't know how to discipline yourself) which will possibly result to gaining more weight- waaaaaaah goodluck to me!

3. Malapascua Outing
Yes, another outing! hahaha. I'll definitely take all opportunity to travel and visit places where I've not been to, especially if it's with my friends or officemates. We'll be going to Malapascua this weekend, November 5-6. I want to share something weird here: the last time I went to Baguio, I went to Camotes the next week after. Now I'm going to Malapascua a week after my Baguio trip with family. Can you see the pattern? Weird right? After going to a very cold place, I'm going to a very hot place a week after. Hahaha.

4. Davao trip
Together with my highschool classmate, Tania, I will visit Davao this November 25-28. Luckily, we were able to book a promo flight from Cebu Pacific last month. Yehey! We will stay at the residence of Tania's uncle who lives there so I'm expecting to spend less for this trip hehe. I'm quite excited for this trip since I've always wanted to go to the largest city in the country and the cleanest - they say. I want to also taste their famous Durian. I'm really looking forward for this trip. Weeeeee!

 5. New Project
Since our project ended last month (weh?), I will be assigned to another project - which also means that I will be a part of a new team. This news saddened me because I will have to leave my Ganesha teammates - they're like the best teammates ever you know! I hope my new teammates will be as vivacious and fun as my Ganesha teammates. hehe =)

6. Nihongo Study
Yes, I'm taking JLPT N3 again this year. Although I am kind of sure that I will fail this exam, I will still give my best efforts to study Nihongo this whole month of November. At least I can say that I did my best to pass this exam. =(

7.  Christmas
Although it's still Halloween while I'm writing this post, I can't feel ghosts in the air because it's already Christmas in the ayer baby, so move over Dracula coz Santa Claus is coming to town! Haha. My iPod playlist now contains nothing but Christmas songs. In fact, Michael Buble and Justin Bieber just released their Christmas albums and I've already got a copy of them.

 So please November, be sweet to me okay? <3


  1. Hope you will really have a sweet November geng :)

    As for me, I'll be on blog holiday this month because I'll try to focus on my health by trying to jog MWF ,fruits for dinner and less whining. So I'll keep myself from blogging so as not to whine about things and stray me from my goals this month. :D

    Good luck to me!
    See you again soon!
    I might invite you on our jogging at pioneer soon. :D

  2. Hehe Thanks Miss! :)

    Wow nice goal for this month. I will try sad ug ingon ana nga goal. hehe.

    Yeah, just text me if mag jogging ka sa Pioneer. Hehe. I will bring with me the whole Ganesha team. hahaha :D