Monday, October 10, 2011

Welcome to the City of Smiles!

Yes, I've been to Bacolod City last October 8 - 9, 2011 with my friends: Jerson, Wietzell, Ricco and Erwin.

Actually, I'm not an original part of the Bacolod team, but when I heard that they have booked a flight
to Bacolod via Cebu Pacific piso fare, I asked them if I could join them but I'll just have a land trip since I wasn't able to book a flight. A day before the Bacolod trip, majority of the original members backed out, leaving only the 5 of us. :(

Well anyways, here is what happened:

Friday, 8:00PM - 12:00AM 
   I was still at Pipeline chillin' with me office buddies on a cold, rainy Friday night.
Saturday, 12:00AM - 3:00AM
   The group decided to go to Casanova, Mango to dance the night away. They also adviced me not to push through with the trip since it was raining so hard and the weather is not that good. I was on a major dilemma that time.
   I went home with a decision to go on with the trip no matter what.
   Quickly ironed my clothes and packed my stuffs to bring to Bacolod. I'm on a major panic because the bus bound for Bacolod will depart at 4:30AM.
   Took a taxi to North Bus Terminal. Ricco and Erwin were already there waiting for me. There was a great flood along SM and my taxi was stuck. The taxi engine won't start and my shoes were all soaking wet because the flood invaded the taxi. I lost hope that time. huhu :(
   The taxi driver kept on restarting the engine and after a million trials the taxi engine began to start and yahoooo I was able to catch the 4:30AM trip. Phew! That was close.
4:30AM - 12:00PM
   Bus Trip from Cebu to Bacolod City (via Don Salvador). 

We have to ride a barge in Toledo City.
Took some pictures in Toledo City Port. This is my third time in Toledo City by the way. First was when I was in highschool during our ARSC Congress, then second was when we visited Kim's place last year.

The CERES bus that took us to Bacolod. It has to ride also in the barge. Hehe.

Blue mark from Casanova. Didn't have sleep that time due to heavy partying! Hehe :D

Port of San Carlos City. This was my second time in this place.
First was when we had an ARSC Congress here way back in highschool.

This one caught my attention. A fruit stand that sells junk foods.  Haha!

Near Bacolod City bus terminal.

Jerson and Wietzell, who were already at Bacolod City that time, fetched us from the bus terminal.
After our lunch, we didn't waste time and immediately toured Bacolod City.

1. The Ruins - Just a walking distance from Wietzell's house, the Ruins is called the Taj Mahal of Bacolod.
   It is a really nice infrastracture and really photogenic in the pictures. I didn't listen to the tour guide
   when he discussed to us the history of the place, so please take the honor to Google it. Hehe.

Me, Myself and I at The Ruins.

(L-R) Ricco, Erwin, Wietzell, Me. (Thanks Jerson for taking the picture.)

The tour guide was very busy discussing the history of the place, while I'm so busy taking pictures. Hehe.

2. Robinson's Place Bacolod - We were fascinated by their Robinson's Place because it is much bigger than Cebu's Robinsons. Since I was not able to bring some clothes, I bought a Masskara Festival tshirt there. There were also Masskara display that time.

My favorite Masskara.

My second favorite Masskara.

My third favorite Masskara. Aww. Don't worry there's no fourth favorite.

Robinson's Place Bacolod entertainment area.
3. The Lagoon - Then we went to The Lagoon to take some pictures.

I was amazed because McDonald's, Jollibee and KFC are next to each other. We called this MJK area. Hehe.

Bacolod Capitol.

Busy taking some pictures.

Go Ricco Yan!

4. SM City Bacolod - We took a walk at their SM City Bacolod. Sorry I was not able to take some pictures of this place since it was really raining so hard. :(

5. Chicken BBQ - Of course, who would wanna miss to eat chicken inasal when in Bacolod? I think their chicken inasal is one of the best in the country. It was a very delicious dinner I must say.

We ate at Rosing Chicken Bar-B-Que (barbeekuweh) Aww! Hahaha.

Wietzell and Jerson having their retouch.

Oh I love Talaba Shells so much!!! Slurp!

Presenting, the very delicious Bacolod Chicken Inasal.

Burp. Busoooog!

6. Carnival - We rode Mouse Coaster and Swing Coaster only. Ricco, Erwin and Jerson wanted to ride in the Sea Dragon (Anchors Away equivalent in Enchanted Kingdom) but Wietzell and I were really scared.

Ferris Wheel and Octopus rides.

The scary Sea Dragon ride.

Because Wietzell and I didn't ride the Sea Dragon, the other three didn't ride as well. They just bore themselves by watching the people shout their nerves out. Haha. I'm really sorry. :(
7. Downtown Plaza - After the Carnival, we dropped off their plaza to watch a Masskara show c/o GMA-7.
Masskara Festival dancers with a GMA-7 local host.

Bacolod City Church.

Night market at Bacolod.

Our first day Bacolod trip ended there.
We went home at 10PM and slept immediately to prepare for our Mambukal Mountain Resort trip the next day. I will create another blog entry for our Mambukal Mountain Resort trip soon. Hehe.

I love Bacolod City. It is clean yet you can still feel that it is a city and it is not polluted.
What I don't like from this experience is the landtrip from Cebu to Bacolod City and vice versa. It's really energy-draining and butt-hurting. Awh hahaha. Can you imagine, almost 9 hours of trip - that's why they have a new airport in Silay to cater people like me who doesn't like excruciating landtrips. Hehe.

Here is the summary of my expenses for my Bacolod trip (excluding Mambukal Mountain Resort):

Taxi from Quiot Pardo to North Bus Terminal        - 100.00
CERES Bus fare (excluding Barge fare)                 - 320.00
Barge fare (Toledo city to San Carlos city)             - 190.00
Terminal Fee                                                          - 15.00
Jeepney fare (Bus terminal to City proper)              - 7.00
Lunch                                                                    - 55.00
Jeepney + Tricycle fare (Wietzell's house)               - 14.00
Entrance (The Ruins)                                              - 60.00
Jeepney + Tricycle fare (Ruins to Robinsons)          - 15.00 (tricycle)
                                                                              - 7.00 (jeepney)
Jeepney fare to The Lagoon                                    - 7.00
Jeepney fare to SM                                                - 7.00
Napoleones snacks                                                - 20.00
Dinner Chicken Inasal                                            - 138.00
Entrance fee (Carnival)                                           - 20.00
Mouse Coaster ride                                               - 50.00
Swing Coaster ride                                                - 30.00
Mango Shake                                                        - 5.00
Jeepney + Tricycle fare (Wietzell's house)               - 14.00
Pasalubong                                                            - 117.00 (1 dozen Napoleones)
CERES bus fare from Bacolod to Cebu                 - 320.00
Barge fare via Tabuelan                                         - 190.00
Jeepney fare from North Bus to Quiot Pardo         - 17.00

Total :  P1,718.00

* Note that our accommodation is for free because we stayed at Wietzell's house. Thanks Wietzell for the free accommodation. :)  Check out also Wietzell's blog about our Bacolod trip.

If someone would ask me to go to Bacolod again, I would not hesitate or think twice. I love to go back to this place again! But next time, I'll see to it that I'm riding a friggin' airplane and not a CERES bus. hehe =)


  1. butt-hurting jud btaw na ang mag land trip ry! naka lista jd ang expenses. char!

  2. Hahaha! Ako2x ra baya nagbuot2x anang butt-hurting nga term. haha.

    Uu, kahinumdom ka, katong nangaon tag Chowking, nga naglista jud kos tanan expenses as in detailed jud? wahaha :D

  3. Hi. I went there in bacolod. And i want to share the place i stayed Its a budget hotel. It would really one i will recommend for those on a tight budger. Here is the link


  4. Hey they also have other branches in the phil. they have in tacloban, palawan, dumaguete and even in mandaluyong :)