Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Davao is one of the places that I really want to visit. When there are promo fares in Cebu Pacific or Air Philippines, the first thing I check is if there are still available seats for Davao. When there are still available seats, I'll immediately tell my friends if they would like to go with me, but they were all hesitant since many people are saying that Davao is one hell of an expensive place. That day, I thought that going to Davao this year would be an impossible dream.

One day, my highschool close friend, Tania (a.k.a. 6y), and I had a little chat. To make the long story short, she wanted to visit her relatives in Davao and we have agreed that I'll book a ticket for the two of us when there's promo fare. Because I wanted this trip so badly, with all my might, I was able to book a flight last October (ako pah!). And so, we visited the land of Durians on the dates November 25 - 28, 2011.

Since this post is a little late and I'm running of out time (it's 2012 tomorrow!), I will just let the pictures tell all of you what happened in Davao:

Tania's First

Waiting for her first flight.
Ready to fly!
It's also her first time to ride this kind of Davao tricycle.
Davao City

Davao City lights.

Downtown Davao City.
Davao City at night.
Davao's Crocodile Farm

Auntie paying for the entrance fee worth 150 pesos.

Brave souls Jing2 and AJ holding the Snake! Waaaaaaah!
Sa fake snake nalang nagpapicture si Tania kay hadlukan sa real one! (look who's talking) 

This was actually my first time to see a tiger! Kewl!
Largest crocodile in Davao.
Philippine's Monkey-Eating-Eagle.
Zorb balloon.
Tagum City

Yup! I was here!

Attended mass at Tagum City church.

Tagum Banana-Que (kweh?) Vendors.
Freedom Park at Tagum City.
Tagum City downtown area.
This very large Christmas tree was featured in Rated K this year.

Sto. Nino and Catalina Garden

FYI: Kris Aquino once had taping here in her Deal or No Deal show.
From L-R: Uncle, Auntie, Jing2 and AJ.
Panoramic view of Mt. Apo. But I'm not that sure though if  that's really Mt. Apo. Haha
Abreeza Mall

Abreeza Mall at night.

Paris Hilton's boutique at Abreeza Mall.

View of Abreeza Mall from the parking lot.

Pigging Out

Had midnight snacks here.
Midnight snacks at St. Elmo's Fire.
Located at Abreeza Mall.
Pizza at Moon Cafe.
Taken at Moon Cafe.
Dessert at Nanay Bebeng NCCC Mall branch, Tagum City.

Davao Airport

Davao Airport at night.
Big Durian Statue.
Davao Airport's first class model. LOL!
Go sexy!
Waiting for our flight back to Cebu.

Contrary to my belief that I will spend a lot if I travel in Davao, this trip turned out to be my cheapest travel ever! Here's the summary of expenses:
Plane Ticket (roundtrip) - 781.00
Pasalubong                    - 250.00
Total                             P 1,031.00

Can you believe that? Well, this wouldn't be possible without Tania of course, but I would like to grab this opportunity to thank Mr. & Mrs. Martin Mosqueda for the warm hospitality and for all the libre. hehehe. The next time I go to Davao, I would surely not miss to explore Samal Island. I heard it's nice there. =)


  1. hahahahha...next year puhon genius...hopefully :)) Samal...can't wait^^,

  2. hahaha!!! mauwaw naku mag-kuyog baboy 6y ui... hehe

  3. The next time you go back in Davao, go nature-tripping: spelunking in Epol, mountain climbing in Samal or go for Mt. Apo, Hagimit falls, and the beaches in Samal :)

  4. ang saya naman sa zoo na un. I wish to go there soon. I will buy lot of durian as pasulobong.

    granton world

  5. I wish I was able to discover the city so well... But I also did have a great adventure in Davao. Visit www.definingyolo.blogspot.com why you should visit Davao. :)