Friday, December 16, 2011

Today, together with my close friends, Jellie, Jeraldy and Bryan, I am supposed be at Boracay, enjoying the beach and the nice view. A lot of things happened which caused this trip to be cancelled (let's not discuss it here) and I don't want to go to Boracay alone either. So, I decided to spend the money I saved for Boracay to another and I have decided to buy an iPad 2. Before, I don't really like having an iPad but as time passed by, I began to like the gadget and suddenly I wanted to buy one immediately. So, that's it, I'm gonna buy an iPad 2 instead of going to Boracay.

The Twist
December 9, 2011 12:00PM. Before taking my lunch, I planned to buy my iPad 2 at iStore Ayala.
I immediately approached the sales lady and she got the item for me, an iPad 2 black 16GB Wifi only which costs exactly P24,590. I am using my HSBC Credit Card to pay for it since iStore and HSBC has a partnership that lets customers enjoy a 0% interest for installments up to 24 months. Unfortunately, iStore Ayala doesn't have HSBC Swipe Machine, only iStore SM has one, so I have to go to iStore SM to purchase my iPad 2 there. So, plan was ruined, no iPad 2 on hand, and I have to go to SM iStore tomorrow.

After lunch we had a little stroll in Ayala and checked out an appliance store named Abenson. I went to check for their blender and rice cooker since I also want to buy for myself. Accidentally, I bumped in to a mini refrigerator display which only costs roughly 7,000 pesos. I immediately pondered, what if I just cancel
my iPad 2 and buy a mini fridge instead? hmmmm... Then I asked my friends if my decision is right, and they were actually all positive with my decision. In fact, some said that I'm actually being practical and mature with my decision.

So, it's decided - I will buy a mini fridge instead of iPad 2. This is the second time that I've been
denied of owning an Apple product. First, was when I wanted to buy a MacBook Pro but settled for Sony Vaio instead, and now I'm trading an iPad 2 to a mini fridge (weird alternative huh!).

December 10, 2011
Today is the day! I'm going to buy my mini refrigerator. With my best bud Jellie, I looked for mini fridge
at Metro Colon, South Gaisano and appliance stores at Colon but we can't find any that suites my budget and taste. So we decided to go to SM and finally, I got this LG mini refrigerator which costs exactly P6,395.00 and I'm very happy with my item!

My LG Mini Fridge
Because I still have money left, I also purchased a new Kyowa rice cooker and a US Tradition blender.

Kyowa rice cooker.
US Tradition blender.
It was also a lucky day for me because at lunch, I attended a Christmas Party at Ibarra designs (I worked there for Sir Lerin for like 2 months when I was still studying at college) and Sir Lerin gave me a Camel flat iron before I went home (this item is supposed to be a raffle item). Haha.

Camel flat iron.

Lesson learned: I learned that it is wise to be practical but no no no, I'll still have my iPad, not 2 but iPad 3 maybe. Haha. I will just wait for iPad 3. For now, I'll just enjoy my appliance showcase. =P


  1. Wow! Nahan man sad tako buy ug mini-fridge ug blender geng para maghealthy living na pud ko...maka-store nko ug fresh fruits and veggies...budget mode sako..hehe! asa ka nipalit sa SM sa imong mini-fridge?

  2. sa SM appliance center miss. Mao sad na akong objective ngano nipalit ko ani mini fridge haha para sa fruits and veggies...

  3. Ako na ang niingon na mature naka ug practical? Lol

    Hala kuyog ko pagpalit anang rice cooker ug blender oi wa ko nimo gimention na-hurt nako hahaha.

  4. Hahaha. Uu kato nagchat ta. Nyahahaha.

    Hala aw uu, naa man diay ka ato. haha
    Pero akong nahinumduman kay kato man inyo ko gipugos ug palibre ninyo ug dinner noh. Mga bagag jud ug nawng. T_T