Friday, December 9, 2011

Bruno is just a simple Nikon D3100 DSLR Camera. 
But like many others, he has also his set of wishlist this Christmas:

1. Portrait Lens
            To help Bruno get a good shot at people's faces.
2. Telephoto Lens
            Bruno realized just last night that he badly needs this lens while taking a shot at the epic lunar eclipse. 
3. Filters (Neutral and Polarizing)
            To give tweaks to Bruno's shots.
4. Speedlight external flash 
            To help Bruno get a good shot even under difficult lighting conditions.
5. Dry Cabinet 
            To give Bruno a comfy sleep when he is in a vacation. Hehe.
6. 8GB SD Card 
            To extend the count of pictures that Bruno can store in his memory.
7. Waterproof SLR case
           To let Bruno take good shots even if it is raining, in the beach or underwater.
8. Cleaning pen / brush 
            To help Bruno clean the lenses and get rid of them dust.
9. Remote control
            To let Bruno take pictures even on a remote distance.
10. Extra battery or Battery Grip 
            To extend Bruno's usage outdoors or in out of town getaways.

Calling on Santa to grant Bruno's wishes this Christmas... Even just one of the listed above... :(