Friday, December 9, 2011

It's December once again! This is my most favorite month of the year.
Tis' the season that we only think about Christmas, Santa Claus, Happiness, Gifts, Shopping, Foods, Vacation...
It's simply the most beautiful time of the year.

Here are the things that makes my December an exciting one:

1. JLPT N3 Exam - Last December 4, I courageously took the JLPT N3 Exam. I'm not giving high hopes for the result but I'm still crossing my fingers that I can reach even just a passing score of 95. Huhuhu. I badly want to pass that exam. :(

2. Alliance Christmas Party - We'll have our company Christmas party this December 17 at Beverly View Events and Pavilion. Our theme would be MTV movies and music awards. I'm not that excited for this one (wahaha) but I already told my manita/manito that I want to have a portable gas range this Christmas. I hope that she'll/he'll grant my simple wish. As for my manita, I will give her a Habagat travelling bag. I still don't know what to wear on the party. Got suggestions?

3. 13 -  I love this number during December. Who said it's a bad luck? No, I don't think so, especially this Christmas time. Hahaha.

4. Simple gift for myself -  Supposedly, we are scheduled to enjoy the beach and the view at Bora this December 10 - 12 but my friends backed off due to money constraints. :(
But no matter, no matter, I've got myself a very nice alternative for that. I'm giving mehself a simple gift this Christmas. Clue: It's not number 1 but number 2!

5. Chakaz Christmas Pajama Party - I don't know when will this happen because our hostess Ms. Sai-cey Supsup is too busy with her SUP tasks and she kinda forgot our party. Calling Miss Supsup for your immediate action on this.

6. Christmas Vacation - I have already requested my Project Leader to give me permission to take a vacation leave this December 26 - 29. It's still pending until now, (huhuhu) so I'm still crossing my fingers. 

7. Christmas reunion with my Highschool classmates - We haven't planned for any reunion this holidays but I'm 101% sure that we'll get to see each other this vacation. Calling Tim2x for the Christmas feeding program. Hehehe.

8. Gifts - Unfortunately, I'm not the receiver here, but the giver. Huhu. But no matter, It's better to give than to receive right? hehehe. I think It's the perfect time to share your blessings to others. I'm excited to do some shopping and be the Santa this Christmas.

9. Foods - I've already listed the foods I wanna eat during Noche Buena and Media Noche. Of course, my favorites should not be missed: spaghetti, barbecue, cake, fruit salad, nilat-ang baboy, pinaupong manok, and of course my favorite rellenong bangus. Slurp! I'm hungry now! Since it's a holiday season, I have decided that I might as well be on a diet holiday. Hahaha

10. Spend time with family - It's sad that my father is gone now (may he rest in peace), but it's really making me happy that I'm spending my Christmas with my two siblings and my beautiful Maming. Christmas is best spent with your family and loved ones. <3

So, friends I hope we'll be happy this Christmas! Let's all give love this Christmas day 'cause it's the season to be jolly falalala lalalala! Happy Holidays everyone! XOXO <3


  1. Daghan kog comments.
    2. Alliance Christmas Party - pag-Nicki Minaj costume oi kato sa Super Bass kato naa sila sa pool ;))))
    3. 13 - monthsary ni ninyo ni kuan? hahaha
    4. Simple gift for myself - abi nako nachange imo mind? dayon diay gihapon?
    9. Foods - manganak na jud ka ana

    hahaha merry christmas TF!

  2. HOOOiii Burayan San!

    2. Hahaha. I'm still thinking noh. Ayaw ko bot-i!
    3. Hahaha AMAW!!! Shizukanishitekudasaiyo!!!
    4. Aw dili na dayon, pero sauna raman ni gihimo naku nga post, karon ra na publish haha. Ako pa na iupdate.
    9. Kung manganak ko, kuhaon tika ninong. Awh! haha. Ambi dayon ang gift, advanced. haha

    Merry Xmas pud TF! haha =P

  3. Ry,

    2. Naa ko suggestion. Kani ay, Lady Gaga look 0:52
    3. Na curious ko kinsa ang pasabot :))
    9. Congrats ry sa baby! :)

  4. Wietzell,

    2. Wahaha. Unsa ba mo oi, kung dli nicki minaj kay lady gaga pud, lay panlalaki? haha
    3. Hahaha. Joke2 ra na ui!
    4. Ikaw pud ha, ninang, gimme the regalo na karon nah! haha :D

  5. Sus lahi man na look ang iya gidala pag-party. HAHAHA peace TF!

  6. Saba diha Bryan! Salig kay tooot ni tooot. hahaha :P