Thursday, December 29, 2011

Around 6:00 P.M. today, someTHING has just turned 1 year old and that's no other than...
Weeeeeeeee parteeeee parteeeee!!!

I never thought that I already spent 1 year with my Bruno. It was like I just bought him the other day. Hehehe. As a tribute to my beloved camera, I listed his top 5 best shots (according to my taste) since the day he was born:

5. Bacolod Smile

On my way to Bacolod City, there's this interesting child that called my attention.
I didn't get him at first, but I think he wants me to take a picture of him. And so,
I took one shot and voila, it was perfect and cute.

4. Inocenti De Ti

Taken during our recent trip in Malapascua Island, this picture of a child symbolizes innocence.
This child was all messed up and dirty when I saw him at the sidewalk playing with a little kitten.
I immediately took a shot and the child just stared at Bruno like saying, "what is this thing doing to me?"
I think that this picture is epic. (weh?)
3. Battle in the Heavens

This awesome battle was taken at my trip in Dapitan City.
It was like the battle of the good and the evil forces at the heavens above.
 I love this picture! hehe... (Gotta love your own eh?)

2. Too Much Drama

Too much love can kill you, but too much drama can't. Hahaha.
Tagaytay is a very very nice place which makes it a perfect place to make-emote2x and drama2x... Hahaha!

1. Epic Sunset

This sunset was taken at Samboan Beach, Cebu.
While trying hard to take an epic picture of the sunset, this child came suddenly into the picture and threw a rock at the sea like he's wishing for something - just perfect for an epic sunset picture. :)

Thank you Bruno for accompanying me in my exciting adventures and trips this year.
Thanks for keeping and preserving those exciting, sad, happy and memorable moments. 
I promise I will buy you something from your wishlist next year since I was a bit short this year. Hehe.
I'm looking forward for more fun, exciting, sweet and memorable shots with you... <3


  1. thanks bruno...HAPPY Birthday loves :))

  2. hehehe!!! thanks daw 6y ana si Bruno! toinx.haha :D