Friday, December 16, 2011

Happiness, good health, career growth, good relationship with others, world peace... name it, we always wish for these non-material things not only during Christmas but everyday of our lives. These things, of course, are my priority wishes and prayers this Christmas, but there's something this season that gives me freedom not only to wish for these non-material things. hehe. It's also time to wish to Santa for some material things that I would want to own. Nevertheless, these are all just wishes... ;)

Well, I'm just a simple person with simple needs. Here are the list of material things that I would like for Santa to give me this Christmas:

1. Blender 
     - granted 12/10/2011
     - Wanted to start healthy living so I need this appliance to give me fresh fruit shakes on the go.
2. Rice Cooker  
     - granted 12/10/2011
     - Our 4-year old rice cooker just gave up so we need a replacement now.
3.  Mini Refrigerator
     - granted 12/10/2011
     - In lieu of iPad2, I bought this LG mini refrigerator. I think I made a very mature and practical decision here and I am very happy that I made that decision. I also would like to thank my friends for giving me advices during my dilemma moment. haha.
4. Slippers
     - granted 12/11/2011
     - Manjaru, Crocs or Havaianas
     - Crocs or Havaianas doesn't look good on my feet so I still chose Manjaru as my official slipper after Virgin Islands in Bantayan took it away from me.
5.  Portable gas stove
     - granted 12/15/2011
     - Thanks to my manito Erwin-san for granting my wish in our annual company exchanging gifts. Actually, I accompanied him and personally pointed the item when he bought his surprise gift for me - how kind of me right? haha.
6. .iPad 2
     - Supposedly, I was going to use my 13th month pay to buy this gadget but the universe conspired again to deny me from buying this thing. Never mind, I'll just wait for iPad 3 next year.
7. Dry cabinet/ Gadget cabinet
     - I've always wanted to keep my gadgets locked in a comfortable storage area.
8. Running Shoes
     - I want to use a shoes designed for running when I use the treadmill because right now, I'm using a plain rubber shoes and it is starting to get damaged.
9. Gym bag
     - Nike or Adidas brand would do. hehe.
10. Travelling bag
     - I realized that my current travelling bag is not that sufficient to house my needs when I travel, so I need a bigger and more durable travelling bag.
11. 1 Terabyte Hard Drive
     - I need this badly to keep Bruno's original shots and to keep my favorite movies and music.
12. Ice crusher
     - I need this for my fresh fruit shake.
13. Electric Fan / Cooler
     - Have I told you that it's really hot inside our apartment? :(
14. Unlimited supply of Fit n' Right 
     - nyahahaha!
15. Bluetooth Headset
     - Something that is compatible with my iTouch 4. I wanna use it during my jogging sessions. Ain't it cool and convenient to use wireless headsets while burning up your fats and calories? haha.
16. Dual Sim Cellular Phone
     - This is actually my original wishlist during our company exchanging gifts, but I just found out that we have a lot of extra unused cellular phones in our house so it turns out that I don't really need it.
17. Tumbler or Water Bottle
     - Starbucks for tumbler, Nalgene glowing in the dark for water bottle.
     - My friend, Jellie, already paid P500 for my Starbucks tumbler (it's a long story why he gave me P500 but let's just say, I'm a wise friend. Haha) but I haven't bought any since all of the designs being sold right now are Christmas designs. I have to wait until they sell their regular tumblers.
18. Nixon Watches
     - I was fascinated with the design of these cool watches.
19. USB wall charger for iTouch 4
     - In case I can't bring my laptop with me during my getaways, at least I have this wall charger to keep my iTouch alive and useful.
20. Big Pillow
     - Something that is tall (like my height haha)  and should be soft and cuddly.

Hmmm... I will update this post whenever I bump in to something that is cool and nice. Haha.
So, how was it? Was it too much? hehe.
Honestly, I admit that I'm a materialistic person but please don't judge me for being one because I worked and will work hard for all the material things I own and would like to own in the future. Therefore, I conclude that I'm my own Santa and I'm granting mehself my wishes this Christmas - but not all though... :)


  1. wala nimo gi-include sa imong appliance ang imo portable gas stove geng...asa ka gapalit? how much?

  2. kuan man to miss, gift ni Erwin-san naku sa exchanging gift sa Alliance. Lain nga adlaw man to gipalit. hehe. Nasakpan man naku nga xa nakabunot naku. Hahaha. Mao to ako xa gikuyogan ug palit sa Ayala. Dapit didto sa ilang mga appliances nga floor. Tag P750 to miss. Ang bala niya (Butane Gas) kay tag 70 good for 7-8hours.