Saturday, December 24, 2011

At last! It's Christmas!
Our Christmas celebration just keeps getting better each year.

Here's how I spent my Christmas Eve this year:

Greeting Card
A greeting card is a picture that I post in facebook hours before Christmas Eve (or New Year's Eve). My original plan was to do a planking on top of our foods in the table (wierd haha) but that was one difficult task and given my time constraint (only 30 minutes to go and it's already Christmas) I opted to just light the candle while squatting.

Floating in the air while lighting the first candle.
Table Design
It's my tradition to do the honors of decorating our table for Noche Buena. Red flowers, red cherries and golden bells make a beautiful and elegant Christmas table decoration I must say.

Merry Christmas! =)
Delicious foods, of course, add to the excitement of Christmas. This is one of the things we I look forward during this season. I was of course the chef (my primary role during occasions like this). I spent the whole day of December 24 to cook our dishes and I was like tired but very happy because cooking is one of the things that I'm passionate about and one of the activities on earth that I want to do everyday (like eating haha). Anyway, here are our mouth-watering and delicious (of course!) dishes:

Main course:

Rellenong Bangus - this one is always present in my cooking list and definitely one of my favorites.
Pork Ginamay - chopped veggies plus cubed pork meat.
Pinaupong Manok - one whole chicken displayed like it's hatching eggs in the hay.
Lumpia Shanghai.
Shrimp - seafoods are always my favorite. I just simmered the shrimps and they're ready to eat. hahaha
Spaghetti cooked by Inday.
Pancit Palabok - ordered this from Mama's friend for P200.00
Nilat-ang Baboy - also one of the regular dishes when I'm assigned the chef. hehe
Ginataang Pagi - Pagi (a kind of fish) is one of my favorite fishes in the world. I only experimented this dish since we had an extra gata (extracted from coconut) so I used it for the dish.
Hamonada - this is Maming's specialty.
Barbecue - half pork meat, half hotdog plus marshmallows.


Colorful  Gulaman.
Fruit - Gulaman Salad
Simple Chiffon Cake
Candies from my Davao trip. Kept these for like a month. LOL!

More Pictures

Ready for Noche Buena!
Smile Kuya! haha :)
Family Picture. :)
Dodong and Kuya ready to attack!
Inday blowing the candles.
Inday and Dodong eating it all out.
Maming and I.
Happy holidays everyone!



  1. Sosyal kaayo ug Noche Buena oi. Pero ayaw lagi awaya imo kuya! Hahahaha.

  2. HAHAHAHA!!! Lagi, dili siguro niya feel ang akong mga nilutong pagkaon. hahaha.