Friday, December 30, 2011

Do you remember this goal-setting post at the beginning of this year?
I actually set all my goals for this year in that post .
Now, that the year is about to end, let me check if I really achieved my goals this year or was I a total failure and loser?

Here's an excerpt of my goals in blue text:

  1. Exercise: jogging and badminton  -  PASSED. Although I only actually played badminton once, hitting the gym starting last November proves that I worked out a lot to burn my fats.
  2. Eat healthy, stay healthy, live healthy! -  FAILED. Lechon, Liempo, Rellenong Bangus... All my guilty pleasures! Sucked it all in my tummy.
  3. Don’t spend on food (buhbye fancy restaurants) -  PASSED. Only went to fancy restaurants like once a month and that's really a major cut in my expenses.
  4. Be a parasite to friends (doin’ this already every snacks… asking for alms...alms…) -  PASSED. I'm really good at this... you know, being a parasite. hehe
  5. No friggin IMAX (except Harry Potter, Transformers, Breaking Dawn and Pirates of the Carribean. Toinks!) -  PASSED. I only watched Harry Potter, Transformers and Pirates of the Carribean in IMAX. Watched other movies at regular cinemas.
  6. Save for my friggin future (if I have one) -  FAILED. Not a single penny in the bank.
  7. No hubog hubog sessions (buhbye redhorse), just coffee sessions (hello coffee cat!) -  PASSED. Minimized alcohol and I can't remember a time this year where I went home drunk. Yes!
  8. Learn the art of Photography (I’ll join Sinulog photocontest next year. Excited for this one.) -  FAILED. Will not join Sinulog Photocontest because I'm not yet ready. For my skills, it's not that I haven't developed a little but there's really no major improvement.
  9. Nihongo (huhu how should I improve this skill? I’m a hopeless case.) -  FAILED. Was a bit pre-occupied at work and was busy with my travels so there's no really allotted time for studying Nihongo. 
  10. Enliven the spirit of geekiness in me. -  FAILED. Totally got rid of that geeky personality.
  11. Be a good person. Lels! -  PASSED. I'm not being biased here but I can feel it - I'm really a good person! haha! :P
  12. Refrain from backbitingLels again! -  FAILED. Don't blame me because that what keeps most of our my conversations going. Aw! In short, sige ratag rakog panlibak. haha. Just kidding!
  1. MacBook Pro (this is a must this year! I’d kill for this! O_O) -  FAILED. Bought a Sony Vaio instead. Killed mosquitoes, cockroaches and all other pests for this. hehe.
  2. UV Filter, Neutral Density Filter, and Polarizing Filter (for my camera) -  PASSED. Bought only UV Filter but I think it's already enough. Right Bruno?
  3. Tripod (I have shaky hands don’t know why. Haha) -  PASSED. Bought a Benro tripod last May.
  4. Telephoto lens (Ambisyoso!) -  FAILED. Not a single lens investment this year. Sorry Bruno. :(
  5. Nice headset (I love Beats by Dr.Dre headphone but it’s not practical, costs 13K huhuhu) -  PASSED. Although my Dr. Dre headphones are OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), they work just great like the pricey ones at the mall.
  6. Egg speaker (because it's handy) -  PASSED. Bought X-Mini speakers last May.
  7. iPad or an Android tab (I’m a gadget freak you know.) -  FAILED. Bought an appliance showcase instead.
  8. iTouch 4 (I don’t know why I wanna buy this.) -  PASSED. Bought an iTouch 4th Gen last August.
  9. Scooter (I wanna drive mehself to work. A car is just an impossible dream at this moment, so I just opted for this. I think I’d look funny driving a Scooter. Haha.) -  FAILED. Way too impossible and my mother said, If I want to die sooner, I'll buy myself a scooter. So I was like, okay, forget it!
  10. Locker for my gadgets. -  FAILED. Already looked for cabinets with lock but can't find something that suits my taste until I ran out of budget.
  11. Am I being realistic? -  Yeah!
  12. No you’re not freak! -  Ah huh, you're a freak!
  13. Oh, my bad! So erase erase… -  Duh!
  14. Erase #9, #8, #7, #6, #5, and #4… (MacBook is a bit expensive already so it would mean “buwad ug ginamos” everyday if I would insist on buying the other things.) -  Duh again! haha
  1. Bantayan Island (I’ll just take a shot of the beautiful sea. No swimming. Sayang ang gluta ug papaya harhar) -  PASSED. Went there last February.
  2. Cagayan de Oro – Bukidnon – Camiguin (I smell adventure!) -  PASSED. Went there last July.
  3. Bohol again and again and again! (this is a perk you’d hate when you’re from this beautiful place. Still finding convincing alibis for this trip to be cancelled. Harhar >:D) -  PASSED. Invited my officemates during our annual fiesta.

So, let me count:

Oh yeah! Looks like I'm successful this year of achieving most of my goals!
Well, this calls for a celebration. Congratulations to me! :)


  1. TO DO 1 & 2 are so contradicting hahaha.

    Ayaw na sige panlibak oi! Bad na. Mahimo jud kang E*** ana kadugayan. Kaya di nata manlibak hahaha.

  2. Bitaw nu? haha. Pero mao man jud nay nahitabo. LOL!

    Uu dili na jud ta manlibak kay masuko si VTF. haha :D

  3. Gennnnnng! I so agree with Bryan! Shudi na libakers oi! Bad na sa tummy :D

    Au pka oi daghan ka na achieve ths year..ako super failed! Hahaha!

    Next year nalang pud :D

  4. Hahaha. Ayaw jud tuo ana ni Bryan miss kay kauban mi ana sa pangpanlibak. haha.

    Uu, kita kos imo post, puro failed. Haha. Better luck next time nalang miss! hehe =)