Monday, December 31, 2012

Oh! Hi again my dear blog. My last drop here was dated January 1, 2012 - oh that was almost a year ago! Well, after a year of hiatus, here it is: my year-end post.

Year 2012, was..... TOUGH!
Every aspect of my life was challenged this year.
After a tremendous and exciting 2011, comes a year full of challenges and sacrifices.

Memorable Events
A lot of interesting events happened this year.
* I was outsourced at NEC for 7 months.
* Out of boredom, I applied for a part-time job in an English School to teach English online but after a month, I got tired and unhappy and just quit.
* The maid in my landlady's house at Quiot Pardo, stole my money in my cabinet.
   Oh that was P3,000.00 Ouch!
* I separated boarding house with my siblings.
  Living alone was exciting but at the same time horrible, but it was my choice.
* My brother went to Dubai to look for a high-paying job. But before he successfully got there, the
financial challenges that our family experienced was tough. Thank God, he made it there eventually.
* First time to participate in Milo Marathon - great experience with great friends making great things happen!
* Sorry but I wanna mention this: finally got a macBook, iPad 3 and iPhone 5 for myself. HAHA! I'm a certified Apple freak!

Trips and Adventures
Unlike last year, I was a home buddy this year. But there were still some trips:
* Bohol with Brgy. Ganesha
* Bunzies Cove with Chakaz All Stars
* Pinamungahan, Sumilon, Danao with NEC pipz
* Mountain View with the crazy Laag All Kinds group
* Bantayan with Laag All Kinds group

What else? Those were the ones that were memorable to me. But hey, check this out: I wasn't able to ride an airplane this year! Oh jeeez! I guess I have to do something about that next year.

Compared  last year, I can say that I have moved on a step forward in my career. I really tried hard
not to be a pain in the ass anymore to my Project Leader and I think I'm successful about that goal.
Nihongo? It was nothing but a burden to me. I failed to pass N3, and I worked my ass off to do better and
pass N2 this year... but I guess it's just another disappointment. Although the official results are still due next year, I am confident of failing again for the third time. Yeah I have given up and just accepted that it's really
not for me! haha. #bitter But I still want to commend myself for the great effort I have done. All my close
friends are living witnesses of  how I worked hard and sacrificed just to pass N2... but I guess my best wasn't good enough. LOL! #bitter
Next year, I hope to make a leap forward closer to my dreams. I don't dream to be a Nihongo speaker, but to be an excellent IT Engineer and of course, a money maker. Guess I need to shed off a lot of unnecessary elements in my system and start acquiring elements that can help me with my journey to my dreams.

I love my family. Although this year was really really tough for us, especially for my Maming, I am really happy that we still made it through. I'm thankful that my sister passed the Licensure Exam for Teachers, and my brother got an accounting-related job at Dubai. This year, was the biggest achievement for my Maming when my sister graduated college last March. That only means that she has successfully given us something that parents would always want for their children - education. And hey, not bad for a widowed mother
to have a Magna Cumlaude and a Cumlaude under her belt. :)

They come and go. Some would come to our lives and make a big impact, and suddenly would go leaving
scars. This year, due to some unexpected events, hanging out with my beloved Ganesha friends is not what it used to be. Yeah, we have moved on with our separate lives. Oftentimes we get in touch but it's not the same way anymore that we always see each other and chitchat and hang out. We still love each other of course, but I guess it's time for me to find a new circle of friends - friends that I always hangout with. At NEC, yes I made friends with some crazy people but it's inevitable that I have to leave after a couple of months.
When I went back to Alliance, honestly I didn't know whom to go with. Then, I started going out at lunch with these certain bunch of people, and then, it just happened that they're now my regular hangout buddies.
We don't have an official group name but I wanna call them Laag All Kinds group since that's the
title of our email thread. The closeness of this group reminds me of my Ganesha  teammates.

Me, Mitchy, Mirang, Jerson, Jellie, Kweeny, Bart, Witsu, Vhenjo

But some dear friends, even if they are far from me, still remain close to my heart.
From Cebu to Bohol to Leyte to Manila and even Japan!
To all my friends, you're all the best in the world!
Let's keep hanging out and make memories! :D

That life
A password is needed for this. haha >:D
But only a chosen few has the friggin' password. LOL!
I just wanna say a few words though...
It's really a great feeling to wake up each day inspired but at the same time it's really a great burden.
This year, I preferred to be less naughty in some aspect of that life and just be contented of simple
things... simple moments... simple ... just simple...but meaningful, happy and memorable.
nyahahaha! buweeeeeeeeeeeeee!

For all those things that happened to me this year, I have realized one important thing about me:
that all I want in life is to be HAPPY. Yeah, life is short, and every moment has to be lived in its
fullest. Next year I won't do anything that will make me unhappy. In everything I'll do, I will go for what
will make me happy. Sounds selfish? but I think that when you're happy, you're capable of making
others happy too. So I pray and hope to be HAPPY not just next year but in all the years to come.

Happy New Year everyone and let's all be HAPPY this 2013! :)


  1. OMG That's so sad awwww I cried. I'm glad that you now know what you really want out of life. You go girl! Go ahead and rock it... just rock it.