Thursday, January 31, 2013

It's a lazy Sunday. I woke up with the neighbor's annoying radio playing the usual bisaya songs played every Sunday. So I grabbed ryTouch and played the album length Babel by Mumford and Sons. That made me feel better. And it came over me, oh it's already February! One month down for 2013 and I don't even have a single blog post. I think it's not too late to post a blog for January though. Let me list hmm... maybe 5 memorable things that happened the previous month.

5. JLPT Results
This was epic fail. The results for December 2012 exam was posted online last January 31 but a password is needed for me to view my test results. Guess what, I didn't put any password on my voucher during application! Dafuq! Now my agony of waiting is prolonged since I can only view my score card via snail mail which will arrive probably on the first week of March. I'm still on the process of accepting the soon-to-be-sad reality: I'm never gonna ever pass JLPT. I'll just have to accept that fact. :'(
Gone were the days when nihongo is served for my breakfast.

4. Booted Out

I'm booted out from my current project B because my Java skill is needed for another upcoming project. B Project is the best project I've ever had. Everything is perfect, from the project itself, to my project leader and to my co-team member but yeah it's time to say goodbye. 6 months of vacation is already enough. It's time to wake up and face again the harshness of this industry. That's rather sad. :(
But hell yeah, I'm excited for another milestone in my career! This better be good. :)

3. Nihongo Speech Contest

Two of my closest friends participated in the 11th Annual Nihongo Speech contest. It doesn't matter if they win or lose, they are still the champions in our hearts. #tsarlots.

General rehearsal at the Nihongo room.

Vhenjo, Karlo, Wittzu and Hino Sensei during the 11th Annual Nihongo Speech Contest.
The ever supporting friends. :)

2. New Year's Day
New Year's Day is no doubt my most favourite holiday of all because during this day, all I ever think of is happiness, celebration, food, prosperity, cheerfulness, liveliness, energy, vivacity (name it!) to start the year right off.

Me, Maming and Inday before eating Media Noche.
Would you believe if I'd say I cooked all of these?

1. Sinulog 2013

This was one of my best Sinulog ever! Spending the festivities with my closest friends made this Sinulog a real blast! As a bonus,  I was able to complete the 9 novenas for Sto. NiƱo although in 8 out of 9 masses, I was late hahaha! But I was able to arrive during Gozos so I think it's already counted. Hahaha. We did a lot of crazy stuffs like having uniform Sinulog tshirt, having our faces painted by Accenture (competitor company), staying at our boarding house during the weekend and a whole lot more. Just check out some of our best pictures:

Squatting in the streets. That's Sinulog!

My favourite float during the mardi gras.

One of the Sinulog Free Interpretation contingent.

Best in Uniform eh?

Based on the happenings the previous month, I can say that I'm off to a good year.
I hope this would be consistent until December. Thanks January for being good to me.
More happiness to come! :)