Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Hollaaaaah! It's already May - one of my most favourite month.
Now, since this month is special to me, I want to make it more special
by capturing every precious, memorable and remarkable moments through
my "May Photo Challenge"!

You may have heard this before, or you may know some people who do this,
but my mechanics would be, take a picture everyday, write something about it
and post it on Facebook. Easy. So it's 31 pictures for this month!

Right now, I have a lot of themes running in my mind already, like something blue, green or
red, or something happy, something sad, something delicious, something creative,
something funny, something sexy, something wild or something innocent... hahaha
Jeeeez! I'm really laughing right now!
But everything will be random of course!
The picture will depend on the happenings on that particular day of May.
Note that the picture need not to be of the highest quality like I can use Bruno, ryPhone, ryPad or any other gadgets to capture that elusive moment.
The photo should be posted not later than 11:59:59pm of that day or else,
I'll be eternally damned for this epic fail challenge.

Oh yeah, I'm excited for this one! So, let's keep this rollin'! :D