Friday, July 18, 2014

Hey there little blog friend of mine! I missed you so so much like it has been ages since I dropped a post. Many things happened since time immemorial and I'm sorry I could not lift a finger to share to you all of those. But hey, I'm like oh-so-bored today so I'm gonna post some random stuffs about my life if that's okay. Hihi.

Hmmmm how would I start. The first thing that popped out from my silly mind is about FIFA World Cup. Hahaha! It just ended like a week ago and seriously, after the championship game in which Germany (my second fave team after Brazil) won and brought the elusive WorldCup trophy, it felt like what am I gonna do with my life after this? Yes seriously! Hahaha funny me. Fortunately, I got an answer from that stupid question, and that would be SMOOTHIES.

Okay, I know I left you confused after that, but yeah really, it's drinking SMOOTHIES. I'm sorry for the irrelevance between the FIFA World Cup and drinking smoothies but yeah I can get irrelevant and nonsense most of the friggin' times. Just deal with it. So what's with this smoothies thingy that it has caught my attention during the past few days? Well simple, I just want to have a diet and lose some pounds before my friend's birthday. So that's more like 1 month from now because we are planning to go to Apo Island somewhere in Negros and I need to look less like a Piggy Azalea enjoying the beach and cuddling with the big turtles in the pictures. bahahaha!

So it's on. I once told a friend that I need an inspiration (be it a person or an event) to get some serious diet and yeah, I think that this is the perfect inspiration. So for 1 month, I'll be challenging myself to lose some weight with the aid of those green thick smoothies to replace some of my unhealthy meals. Maybe I'll incorporate some serious exercise along the way but I'm not focusing on the physical activities right now, but rather, on the food intake. I don't have a problem with the exercise because everyday, I got to walk for at least 10 minutes to get to the office and that could be a good physical activity since it's done consistently. What I should be more diligent about is my discipline in eating. I easily get tempted when I see delectable foods and my cravings are really crayzay like it really changes my mood and turns me into a monster if I can't eat the food that I want! Deymmit! So, goodluck to me in this challenge. I hope I can survive for a month without my guilty pleasures. #fingerscrossed

So, aside from smoothies, I don't have anything major in my life right now that's worth sharing bahahaha. Don't you think this life is oh-so-bowring? Well my apologies for that. :(

So okay, gotta go and hit the groceries to buy me a healthy frozen green smoothie! :D